Major Stressors in Life we come across Daily

Stress is the sole factor causing a lot of health problems to all people. Every one of us experiences it in one or other forms.

But surprisingly many of us are not even aware of it. Simple habits like watching Television for a long time, sitting over a computer for a long time are also forms of stress to the brain.

Stress mainly acts by influence on the brain. The more control the brain has, the less is the stress. So stress factors have a tremendous influence on the brain.

Hence in animal experiments, stress is measured in terms of gastric ulcers. The ulcers in the stomach are formed due to changes in the function of brain pathways (viz. steroidal, neurotransmitters related).

Smoking and drinks: These are addictive habits and one feels to be enjoying them. In fact, these substances damage a few body cells every time one consumes them. In long run, they destroy the tissue of the lungs, liver and essential organs.

Bank or other loans: loans and debts are the ones that keep up prolonged stress on the borrowers. Most of the recent to some or other loans like housing, vehicle, etc. So there is constant pressure to pay out monthly installments. For this, they have to keep working without any break. This can run years together and put up constant pressure. So one should be careful before taking a loan.stressors

Watching T.V: Have you ever watched T.V when you are sick or have a headache or even affected by sunstroke. You will find that watching T.V is very exhausting and also irritating at that time. This shows that even watching T.V is a strain. Watching T.V is a strain because the mind has to work to assimilate the constant flow of information from T.V whole body except the brain is at rest.

Using laptop or computer: Using a computer also has tremendous strain as only the mind works while the whole body is still without movements. Playing video games, using mobile for Facebook, etc also have similar effects. Continuous sitting is a health hazard so one should avoid it.

Excess rest: Having too much rest is also said to be one of the causes of diabetes. Stress is said to be a predominant cause of diabetes. So we can assume that excess rest also causes stress. Haven’t you ever noticed that you felt unable or uncomfortable to sit or sleep for long and so you went for walk or so? Inactivity also leads to constipation, indigestion sort of problems.

Any activity which is beyond normal habit or nature is a stress to the body. So trying to tune up to nature and living with it keep us out of stress.

The body clock tells us to sleep at around 8 pm or 9 pm. So going to bed then is better than late-night fun or work. Similarly, when the whole of nature wakes at 5 am we tend to sleep till mid-noon.

Haven’t you noticed birds and animals follow this nature time diligently? Hence they are under the least stress unless under human supervision.

To stay away from stress is impossible in this current lifestyle unless you quit your job and lead a life of renunciation. But we have methods to relieve stress and increase tolerance to it by meditation and exercises.

So taking a break from stressful activities, having regular sleep and diet and taking up exercises helps keep stress-free.

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