List of Medicinal Plants | Their Uses in Different Diseases

Medicinal plants can be used to treat many diseases ranging from fevers to hypertension and diabetes.

These natural herbs are an important source of drugs for alternative medicine systems.

These systems include Ayurveda, homeopathy, Unani, and even allopathy.

They are thought to constitute 80% of the total drugs used by humans.

These natural healing herbs are used in the treatment of many diseases and disorders.

Their specialty is advantages like better compatibility in the body, easy metabolism, low side effects and also less expensive than synthetic drugs.

Further, they are not harmful to the environment after disposal.

They don’t require heavy manufacture, expensive analysis, and storage facility.

They retain their potency for a long period if stored well.

list of medicinal plants

Many of them can be used as homemade preparations during an emergency or can be bought as over-the-counter drugs without a physician’s prescription.

These medicinal plants come under different types of plants and are not restricted to one family or type of plants.

So below chart gives an idea of the List of Medicinal Plants and their uses.

List of Medicinal Plants, and their uses

Sl.No.Name of plantScientific sourceUses
1AconiteAconitum ferox –plant rootSucculent leaves. Used as a hydrating agent for smooth skin
2Aloe veraAloe barbadensisCorrect Blood pressure, heartbeat, congestive heart failure, COPD for easy breath
3ArjunaTerminalia Arjuna-Tree dry BarkAnti-spasmodic, anticholinergic antidote for chloral hydrate & opium poisoning
4AshwagandhaWithania somnifera-roots & stem bases.Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, in fever, as an expectorant (to remove phlegm)
5BelladonnaAtropa accuminata leaves & flowersCorrect Blood pressure, heartbeat, congestive heart failure, and COPD for easy breath
6BanafshaViola odorataCarum carvi, dry ripe fruits
7Black pepperPiper nigrum-unripe fruitsAs stomachic (enhances hunger), carminative (enhances eructation)
8CarawayThe dried bark of Rhamnus purshianaExpels gas by eructation
9CascarCathartic (in constipation), hair growth promoterAs stomachic and laxative
10CardamomElettaria cardamomum-dry-ripe fruitsExpels gas by eructation (carminative)
11Castor oilRicinus communis-seed’s fixed oilTreatment of heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia
12Ceylon CinnamonCinnamomum zeylanicumCarminative (enhances eructation)
13Citronella oilCymbopogan nardus-volatile oil from leavesMosquito repellent
14CloveEugenia caryophyllus-dry flower budDental analgesic, anti-septic, carminative
15Coriander Coriandrum sativum-dry fruitsCarminative
16CorkwoodDuboisia myoporoides-dry leavesDuboisia myoporoides-dry leves
17DigitalisDried leaves of digitalis purpurea.Hyoscyamus niger leaves & flower tip
18Egyptian HenbaneHas essential oils with uses like Expectorant (removes phlegm), and counter-irritant.Relieve spasms of the urinary tract & gripping effect of purgatives
19Eucalyptus oilEucalyptus citriodara-leaf oilZingiber officinale dried rhizome
20FennelFoeniculum vulgare-dry ripe fruitExpels gas by eructation
21GarlicAllium sativum-bulbsTo enhance libido, expel phlegm, for eructation
22GinsengPanax ginsengIs immunomodulator. See the benefits of ginseng.
23GingerAnti-emetic, anti-inflammatory.Anti-spasmodic, anticholinergic antidote for chloral hydrate & opium poisoning
24Glycyrrhiza (Liquorice)Glycyrrhiza glabra; dried roots and stolonsExpectorant and anti-inflammatory
25SennaCassia angustifolia-dried leaflets
For purgation of bowels.
26IpecacCephaelis ipecacuanha-dried roots & rhizomesTo induce vomiting (emetic)
27IsapgolPlantago ovate-To relieve constipation (laxative)
28JiraCiminum cyminum-dry ripe fruit Ciminum cyminum-dry ripe fruitStimulant, carminative
29Lemon grass OilOpium poppyVitamin-A precursor
30Mentha oilMentha piperita-volatile oil from flowersExpels gas by eructation
31As an insecticide to kill insects, mosquito repellentTo relieve severe pains and cough, & also as hypnoticPapaver somniferum-dry latex having Morphine, codeine, etc.
32Palmarosa oilCymbopogan martini-volatile oil
from leaves
Insect repellent
33PapainCarica papaya (papaya plant-unripe fruit latex.One of the anti-inflammatory herbs
34Peruvian barkCinchona ledgeriana-dried barkAnti-malarial drug
35PyrethrumChrysanthemum cineraria folium flower headsSandalwood oil
Dioscorea composite-dried tubersFor rheumatic arthritis
37RauwolfiaRauwolfia serpentine-Dry rootsSandalwood oil
38Sandal wood oilSantalum album-volatile oilDecreases frequent urination.
39Solanum khasianumSolanum-dried berriesFor steroid production
40Giloy/ GuduchiLeaves and stems of Tinospora cordifoliaFor fever treatment
41TulsiOcimum sanctum-fresh & dry leavesSandalwood oil
42TurmericCurcuma longs-dry rhizomesAnti-septic, anti-oxidant, condiment
43Turpentine oil.Pinus roxburghii-volatile oilCounter irritant (for pain relief)
44Vetiver oilVetiveria zizanoides-volatile oil from
Relive prickly heat and itching
45VincaCatharanthus roseus-entre plantmedicinal plants for cancer treatment, anticancer herbs
46YewTaxus baccataDry leaves, bark & roots.
The above medicinal plants can be used for specific disease conditions. However, one should take them with proper medical advice.

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