About Us

I am a certified Pharmacist with expertise in the area of pharmacology.

I have a special interest in natural methods of health and well-being for both acute and chronic health conditions.

  • For acute conditions, modern medicine can help you cure but sometimes the body may not regain vitality like before.
  • For chronic conditions, there is a great chance of developing side effects and lifestyle difficulties.

This is because most modern medicines are not compatible with our body’s working mechanisms.

Hence, I always prefer natural medicines and methods for the health of myself and my family.

If one has to take regular medicine, still I would advise taking natural drugs as supplements to avoid unwanted problems and regain vitality.

Here, I do share the natural medicines and methods which I have tried out of real-life experiences.

Some of them might look promotional, but they are done with genuine intent so that the reader gets the benefit.

Also, we strive to check for inexpensive yet highly efficient medicines for health.

So, you can be sure that we do not recommend those we have not used and are not effective.

You can contact me by mail at ranganr [at] outlook [dot] com.

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