Natural Remedies for Constipation | 5 Best Options

As per medical terms, complete evacuation of bowels at-least once in two days is said to be normal. If your system does not comply with the time span, it could be constipation.

Constipation is defined as incomplete and irregular emptying of stools.

This constipation could lead to other problems in the body like acidity, abdominal pain, piles, etc.

The use of regular medicine from doctors can be harsh on your gut and may lead to loose stool or diarrhea too.

So if you have frequent or long-term constipation, it is important to change your lifestyle and food habits. Regular physical exercise and having a fibrous diet can avoid symptoms of constipation.

Below is a list of options you can try to relieve constipation in adults, the elderly and children too.

The natural remedies for constipation include

  1. Triphala
  2. Ispaghula seeds
  3. Lactulose syrup
  4. Fruits
  5. Liquid paraffin
  6. Yoga

Constipation is one of the common disorders of the digestive system.

If it is beyond, it is constipation and one needs to pay attention to it.

Constipation looks like a small yet irritating health disorder. But, on longstanding, it leads to serious health disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, piles, rectal and intestinal cancer, acidity, ulcers, etc.

The irregular and incomplete emptying of bowels (stools) cause toxicity and other discomforts like acidity, indigestion, heaviness, etc., for the patient.

The discomfort ends only when there is complete emptying of the bowels.

The factors which contribute to normal defecation and emptying of bowels is

1. Regular intestinal movements.

2. Sufficient moisture (water content in the intestine and whole body).

3. Sufficient load in the bowels.

4. Presence of fibrous material.Natural Remedies for Constipation

The disturbance in these factors leads to constipation. Constipation, in general, can be either mild constipation or severe constipation.

Mild constipation is a common health disturbance and gets normalized in a day or two with minimum effort.

While chronic constipation is like an obstinate type and can be a problematic symptom for prolonged periods.

Mild constipation occurs due to insufficient water intake, sedentary lifestyle, excessive dryness, insufficient meals, or even excess oily food consumption.

Severe constipation occurs due to irregular intestinal movements, which are common in old people and in some young people due to their lifestyle and habits.

Regular intestinal movements can be had if one keeps walking daily and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Also, brisk exercise can help keep the gut flexible and active to avoid constipation.

For mild constipation, one can use fibrous foods like fruits (especially bananas, mangoes), vegetables and cereals like wheat and rice made; food preparation will enhance bulk, retain moisture and help in emptying of the bowels. Also, having water in sufficient quantities and regular intervals will prevent gut hydrated.

Natural Remedies for Constipation

Almost all the remedies for constipation are natural. They are obtained either from nature or by simple chemical synthesis. These drugs are classified as

  1. Laxatives
  2. Purgatives.

Laxatives are commonly prescribed drugs for normal constipation. They are mild on the body and cause bowel emptying over a period of one or two days. The stools are well-formed and evacuated without much strain.

Purgatives are harsh on the gut and cause pain in the intestine and also weakness. There is also a chance of loose motions.

So the natural drugs mentioned here act more like laxatives


It is a mucilage material obtained from the seeds of Plantago ovata. You will find the small brownish seeds to consume with water. Even if left in a glass of water for 24 hours, you will notice clear swelling of the material. Once taken, it swells in the gut by absorption of water. It is not digested in the gut and remains as such.  It increases the bulk and also the weight of stools and helps in the complete clearance of stools in a day or two.

Natural Remedies for Constipation

It is one of the safest ways to relieve any type of constipation. It also adsorbs any irritants in the gut and relieves pain. Check out the ispaghula sample, as it literally has no side-effects.


This is a sugar extracted from the milk. It is no absorbed into the blood from the digestive system. But, it works well to increase the bulk of stools and evacuate with ease. I feel this is the best bet for those who often have constipation. One should start with 20 to 30ml of lactulose syrup on the first day and then on the next day, you could go with 15 to 20ml. Since the first dose itself, the effects can be seen.

Triphala churna

For me, Triphala formulation is the gold standard for constipation. It a combination of 3 medicinal fruits like Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia belerica. It is good to relieve constipation, acidity, and other gastric problems. Triphala churna also cleans up the gut and the body as a whole. The powder would be difficult to swallow with a glass of water due to its pungent taste. So one can even take tablets instead. If you are leading a sedentary life or fasting, you tend to suffer from constipation. In such cases, use the tablets of Triphala.

Natural Remedies for Constipation

Liquid paraffin

This is mineral oil and when taken, it does not get absorbed in the gut. It comes out as is and, in doing so, will lubricate the stools and intestine.

It is the most commonly prescribed drug for constipation. But the taste will be bland.


Fruits are natural foods that help in relieving constipation. Some of the fruits like mango, guava are very good for relief from constipation.

Unlike other foodstuffs, their transit time in the intestine is very low. Due to this, they are expelled and faster, leading to clearance of the gut fast.

They not only relieve constipation but are also provide good nutrition to the body. Further, fruits can be consumed by children, elders, and adults.


Do you know there are few yoga postures that are specifically aimed at relieving constipation?

Some of the yoga postures like sirsasana, Sarvangasana, and few breathing techniques help to relieve constipation naturally.

You can practice yourself at home with the book light on yoga. If you are averse to taking medicines for constipation, this could be the right choice.

Also, keep a watch on your water intake. Especially during summers and winters, there are chances of constipation. In these times, less water intake is also a contributing factor.

Of the four natural remedies for constipation mentioned above, I would prefer to go with lactulose or ispaghula first and then Triphala churna. The last resort would be liquid paraffin.

The first two help in decreasing the risk of other diseases like obesity, heart problems, gastric problems, etc. While the third one, besides relieving constipation, also helps clear the gut and body from impurities.

Even if you suffer from piles, the first step would be to get rid of constipation. For this, lactulose or liquid paraffin would be better as it does not increase the load and also keep the anus smooth.

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