Divya Medha Vati Extra Power Review

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, unknown fears, stress due to heavy mental work, racing heart, insomnia, excess excitement, or negative thoughts, then the Divya Medha Vati is the best medicine for you.

It is a natural herbal formulation by Patanjali Ayurveda available in the form of tablets.

Review of Divya Medha Vati’s extra power

Best Choice

Divya Medha Vati Extrapower

Boost your mood, overcome depression and stress

Divya Medha Vati is a natural medicine that relieves mental stress, promotes sleep, and regulates negative thoughts.

I came across this medicine from a random website.

After reading a lot of reviews from other users, I got the tablets and tested them myself.

I found that it enhanced my sleep and got to bed on time without staying awake late at night.

I also woke up early and was feeling more focused and energetic due to this medicine.

Ingredients in Divya Medha Vati

The composition of each tablet of 500mg is

Sl.NOName of ingredientQuantity in wet & powder form
1Bacopa monnieri 113.85mg & 37.47mg
2Convolvulus pluricaulis 113.85mg & 37.47mg
3Acorus calamus 56.77mg
4Lavandula stickers 56.77mg
5Withania somnifera (ashwagandha)56.77mg & 9.37mg
6Celastrus paniculatus56.77mg & 9.37mg
7Foeniculum vulgare 56.77mg
8Inula racemosa 56.77mg
9Onosma bracteatum 56.77mg
10Iris germanica5.66mg
11Acorus calamus 3.70mg
12Asparagus racemosus 9.37mg
13Valeriana wallchii9.37mg
14Praval pishti 1.87mg
15Jaharmohra pishti0.94mg
16Mukta pishti0.37mg
17Gum acacia10.0mg
18Aerosil 7.5mg

Benefits of Divya Medha Vati

As per the company, it is useful for

• Insomnia
• Depression
• As a brain tonic and
• Memory enhancer.

However, I think it has more uses, like in the case of

a) Abnormal heartbeat due to stress, anxiety, fear this would work well.

b) Even if you get up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep due to excess thoughts, excitement, or fear, this would help you. You will have a sound sleep, and your mind will be calm and relaxed.

c) If you are in some form of mental stress due to the office or other politics, you will be relieved of negative thoughts and have a feeling of calmness.

d) You tend to eat well after taking this medicine. If you are anxious or depressed, you tend to eat less. So, this medicine relieves them, so you will eat more than what you eat with those symptoms.

Its dosage and how to take it

The medicine is available in tablet form, as shown above. So, one can swallow tablets with a glass of water.

  • Start initially with one tablet twice a day i.e. one in the morning before having food, and one in the evening before having food.
  • It works best when taken on an empty stomach.
  • If you feel there is not sufficient response, you can take 2 tablets twice a day.
  • Also, if you feel sleepy after taking the tablet, try to avoid taking it in the day and take only in the evenings.

Side effects of Divya Medha Vati

As per the company, there are no side effects. Further, unlike allopathic drugs, it does not specifically act on certain neurotransmitter receptors. So it is also not neurotoxic.

But I think there are some.

  • You may feel depressed if you stop taking tablets. However, this will be only for a short while with a lack of energy but this will go off after a day or two of stopping it. This is not the case with allopathic medicine given for depression or anxiety. There if the medicine is stopped abruptly, one would have withdrawal symptoms.
  • Further the tablets have a pungent odor and spicy taste this can be an unpleasant experience for some. So, chances of discontinuation occurs.


  • If you are suffering from insomnia or anxiety or depression or under extreme pressure due to office or business work, you can take the tablets of Divya Medha Vati as temporary relief.
  • This will help you calm down your mind, decrease negative thoughts, enhance positive thoughts, give you confidence and attain focus.
  • It also lets you have a sound sleep so that you awake refreshed.
  • You can take it as long as you need and stop once the stress is over.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Divya medha vati extra power.

How long can I take Divya Medha Vati?

As per my experience, there is no steadfast rule to use medicine for a certain number of days, unlike allopathic medicines.

When taken, it starts to act in half an hour or more.

The effect stays for quite a long time, like up to 10 hours.

If you need you can repeat or give up. You can again start when you need it.

Unlike regular medicine which takes days to show effect, this works quite quickly.

How does Divya Medha Vati Work

Regular medicine acting on the mind work by acting on neurotransmitter receptors. But this medicine instead is a combination of herbs.
It works by bringing overall change in body chemistry. Therefore it is not neurotoxic.

Does Divya Medha Vati work?

As per my experience on testing it myself and on other family members, it works well. However, some of them do not get desired results for insomnia. This could be due to problems like diabetes etc. Still, I think taking 2 tablets at once instead of one may work.


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  1. I wonder if I can use this tablet at the start of alzemer disease. How will it benefit me. Please let me know. Rgds

    • Hi, the tablet has almost no side effects or adverse effects. You can try the tablets and see how it helps. Also, you may contact the Patanjali customer care or their local physician for more details.

      • Hi, I am suffering last 8 years with generalized anxiety, fear and insomnia. I recently ordered this medicine. Will it work and cure my problem let me know. thanks

        • Hi, please try the medicine and check out its effects. Since it is made purely of plants without toxic ingredients, you will not have any side effects.
          You may take one to two tablets twice a day.


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