How to Get Out of Depression Naturally | 10 Practical Tips to overcome

Depression is a mood disorder which can affect people of all ages and gender.

This is not a permanent disorder but it can stay for long if one does not try to come out of it.

It is triggered or worsened by stress and it tries to set so in some people who constantly face negative situations.

On the long term, it leads to severe mental stress, physical disorders and also incites the desire for suicide.

Most cases of diseased patients reporting to hospitals have a mind related issue (like depression or anxiety) as a root cause.

Scientifically depression is thought to be a disorder with changes in the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Hence, the doctors or physicians prescribe drugs that act to bring balance in those substances.

But interestingly depression can be overcome even without external drug administration.

Further, they are also treatment options like counseling or behavior therapy to overcome this disorder.

Many times the patient with depression is also advised to mix up with people to overcome depression.

But the outcome is not effective if the person constantly encounters depressing situations.

Further use of medicines to cure the disorders is not completely free of side effects. As you see that these drugs alter some substances to minimize depression there are chances that they can produce effects on other major organs like in the brain itself, heartbeat, respiration, kidney, liver, blood pressure, etc.

They also may produce some unwanted behavior changes in the patient.

So the best way to get out of depression is naturally or non-medical means. But this is possible if a patient is still under self-control to even a small extent and/ or he has some support from others to guide him in the way to get out of depression.

How to get out of depression naturally

1. Reading positive or self-help books: This is a good and effective way to get out of depression for people of any age or gender. One has to read these books before going to bed for at least half an hour. Even it is advised to reread the topics covered already from those books.

One of the advantages of reading books is to overcome mood disorders.

This reading of positive or self-help books gets out of depression due to the below qualities.

  • Positive books have real-life experiences of adverse situations faced by other people. They also provide advice or tips on how they overcame such issues. This really inspires any reader of the books and builds up self-confidence.
  • Further during reading the book, the person is focused and stress-free mentally. This minimizes any mental stress responsible for depression.
  • Reading every day makes it a habit and the person is given a chance to divert his mind from depressive thoughts.

Also, take up spiritual books like Geeta or you may read experiences of enlightened people. I can list a few of them like the Ramana Maharshi books especially. Because they try to clarify what is mind, your body, and soul which can set a different approach to life as a whole.

This should be done for a month or more to see results. But wait, do not consider it is a time-consuming plan or effort. Even depressive medication is given a doctor takes 2 weeks to 6 weeks to show a positive response. So reading positive books is even better. The person starts feeling the change in his first few days of reading them.

2. Breathing exercise: This includes deep breaths by sitting or sleeping.

I prefer sleeping position. This is termed as “shava asan” i.e. lying down free with hands and legs spread wide and close eyes. This gives tremendous relief from both physical and mental stress suffered the whole day. The best way is to do it twice

Nadi shudh asana is the best yoga to practice for the purpose. This energizes the brain and also helps oxygenate the brain to reduce stress.

3. Meditation: This is mentioned here just for those who can perform and not for children or those who do not like to do. Meditation consists of trying to set oneself free from thoughts by focusing on breathing etc. This on practice gives tremendous control over mood and helps a person overcome any type of mood disorder. Even it is a great stress reliever. By meditation, one can avoid negative thinking

4. Trying to socialize: This includes going on a picnic, tour, movies, pubs, hotels, etc. These deeds will help divert the patient from depressive thoughts. But do-not go for drugs or alcohol.

5. Go for a walk: Walking is of great benefit to get out of depression. During the depression, there are many chances that the person is staying indoors in a closed room and sleeping mostly.

So go for a slow walk in a pleasant garden or beach or even on a farm. It helps breath in the fresh air and also keeps the body in motion. Body in motion enhances blood flow to the entire body and the brain removing any accumulated toxins.

Further many scientific studies point out that stress is the cause of depression. Walking is a type of physical exercise it helps relieve tension in the muscles and body and can help get out of stress. When stress is minimized there is a natural decrease in depression. So it is very important to walk.

6. Avoid sedentary life and socialize: Try to mix up with people like your friends or family. Avoid being alone, try to go for a movie, spiritual gathering or yoga sessions.

Just being lazy and trying to lead a sedentary life is not a healthy practice. Even working for long by sitting is also not advisable. One needs to keep daily life with some sort of constructive activity. If you are self-sufficient and do not need to work, still go for some social service sort of activity. Activity in some or other constructive forms brings happiness in life.

Mixing up with people especially like-minded ones helps to get out of depression. But, only catch is try to have good friends who do not take advantage of you in such circumstances.

Have a smiley face: Stay cheerful and smile as much as, possible. See comedy shows and funny videos to come out of a gloomy attitude and keep your mood pleasant.

7. Love from family: People with mental disorders need special love and care. Any mental behavior by them should be handled with love, care and sympathy and not otherwise. It takes a hell lot of patience for a year or two but still it is worth it.

8. Stay away from addictions: Addictions seem to create a feeling of relief from depression. But in fact, it is not true and sometimes can enhance it. Addictions are the ones that have ended lives most recognized people abruptly. Those addictions can be sedatives, drugs, alcohol, smoking, the internet, etc. Once you get into, it is tough to get out. So always stay away from addictions.

9. Avoid stress: Stress is the cause of depression. Be it mental or physical, one has to keep away from stress. Mostly mental stress can aggravate symptoms of depression. So trying to stay out of it is essential. If the stress is due to a job or workplace. One could take rest for a brief period of time to get to normal. If it is not possible, one could change the job or workplace as an instant measure.

Even if changing a job is not an option, then one could take the help of others or friends in the workplace to ease the stress. If you think office or workplace is the actual cause of stress, then you could also take up some form of exercise besides good nutrition. This helps to overcome stress and get rid of depression.

10. Go for social service: Serving people, animals or nature without any return of benefits is a good way to find genuine happiness. Not all people have depression just because they have critical problems in life. Some of them have it just due to the effects of pregnancy, hormonal changes, personal thought processes, etc. Even for such people, social service helps greatly to overcome depression.

Expect less: Having more desires and expecting a lot from something could lead to stress. Because, if the desires or results get delayed, you would feel stressed mentally leading to depression.

So unless it is extremely necessary don’t go for medicines to get out of depression. It is a mood disorder and mostly goes off if the mood is changed. But the recurrent encounters of a patient to depressive thoughts or situations make him helpless and stay depressed for long.

Reading positive books, relieving mental stress by breathing, meditation and enjoying by mix up with people helps a person to get out of depression quickly and naturally. There may be a chance that the patient may again get back for depression if he stops reading books or encounters depressive situations  But still, it is advised to continue the habit of reading and breathing because even depressive medicines are recommended for many months or years to consume if symptoms relapse.

But to keep in mind is that medicines are always toxic to or have side effects on long-term consumption. Further getting out of depression is necessary to be healthy and disease-free.

Disclaimer: This is just advice and I request you to consult your physician for better advice.

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