List of diseases caused by air pollution & Tips to Prevent them

Air pollution is getting severe every year leading many health risks.

The causes of air pollution is due to factors like smoking, automobile combustion, heavy factories exhausts, pesticide use in agriculture, etc.

This exposure leads to diseases and disorders over time. The pollutants in the air lead to diseases like

PollutantSourcePathological effects
Carbon-monoxideAutomobile exhaust, burning of coal etc.The Oxygen carrying capacity of Red Blood cells decreases
Hydrogen sulfideFrom chemical industries, oil refineries etc.Eye irritation, throat burning and sense of vomiting.
Nitrogen dioxideProduced from petrol based automobiles, industrial combustionThe ciliary function in the respiratory tract lining is inhibited leading accumulation of pollutants in the lungs.
Sulfur dioxideProduced by combustion of oil, coal etc.Affects the lungs and decreases their function. It can irritate the respiratory tract and aggravate breathing disorders.
Hydrogen cyanideIt is released from furnaces, metallic paintings, chemical industries etc.It affects the nervous system leading to disturbance in vision, head ache.
AmmoniaIt is released from fertilizer industries, explosives.Causes damage to the respiratory system.
Air suspended particlesThese are released as smoke, ash due to combustion of biomass, major industries, They can aggravate respiratory disease like the COPD, asthma, eyes.

Diseases caused by air pollution can be mostly related to organs of the body exposed to air like lungs, skin, eyes and also the brain due to high dependency for oxygen supply.

They are further differentiated as short-term and long-term disease conditions.

Short term effects cause diseases like:

Eye allergy, nasal allergies like sinusitis, throat infection or inflammations, etc.

Long-term effects causes:

Skin infection & problems: Air pollution due to dust contamination is the major factor for growth and formation of acne, scabies,dandruff, fungal infection etc. This problem is seen in young children and to some extent in adults working in areas of high dust pollution like iron, bauxite and other mining industries.

Air pollution especially dust pollution is the cause of pimples and other skin rashes. The dust particles block the skin pores and lead to pimples.

Lung diseases:

♦ Bronchial asthma trigger: Air contaminated with seasonal pollen is the prime reason for asthmatic attacks in the susceptible victims. List of diseases caused by air pollution

It also exaggerates infections like bronchitis, pneumonia in already infected individuals.

♦ Bronchitis, COPD etc: The phlegm formation is profuse due to pollution making the accumulation of infectious microbes’ easier and further destruction of lung tissue linings. The alveolar tissue so damaged is difficult to be repaired and the victim’s lung capacity to inhale and expire air is reduced. This causes gasping like situation and is especially troublesome if happened during cold winters or in the elderly people suffering from COPD, asthma and other lung diseases.

♦ Lung cancer: Some reports by NIH indicate that smoke from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, is responsible for increased rates of lung cancer.

Air pollution is also said to cause  ANEMIA, INFERTILITY, KIDNEY problems also.

Brain problems: Brain requires a high amount of energy. Hence there is a high demand for oxygen supply. And 20% of the oxygenated blood from the heart is directly supplied to the brain to meet these needs. Decreased oxygen content in air leads to inadequate energy supply to the brain. This lack of energy leads to loss of memory as shown by some scientific studies.

There is also the risk of headaches, depression, anxiety, etc. Some studies show that exposure to air pollution increases chances of brain inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease.

To avoid problems due to air pollution, I would prefer drugs like spetilin, bresol of himalaya. Besides, would also like to use face masks and air purifiers.

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