7 Walking vs Running Benefits for Body and Mind

Physical work outs are important for a vibrant health. Of them many people think of going for a walk or jogging.

But again the question of which of them is better arises for many. Both tend to enhance the flexibility in muscles and joints. Also the circulation, respiration and other physiology is stimulated.

But some find it difficult to jog while others find it boring to walk. So the conflict of benefits arise in between two.

For me walking is better but i do not oppose jogging or running if are fit enough or habituated.

Uncomfortable: Of the two running and walking, running is uncomfortable. It brings agitation of the body vigorously. This raises heart beat, gushing for breath, sweating etc. Also if it the first time, the muscles ache. While for walking, most of these issues do not arise. Moreover it is a body activity and not a mere exercise or agitation.

Special accessories: Running and jogging require some accessories like shoe, tread mill etc. For walking one can be fine even without shoe. Walking on a bare feet also has advantages as the foot has physiological control senses. This even reduces stress. Walking vs Running Benefits

Habituation problems: For of them face habituation problems even for smallest exposures. They habituate easily for drugs, food, habits and anything else. For these people if they run today and do not do so tomorrow they feel uncomfortable. In many instances like while traveling or when climate is not suitable one may not have scope for running. In those times a person who did run daily will experience discomfort if he does not run due to circumstances. This is because he is habituated to run. On the other hand, walking is not a problem. He can even do it indoors as a natural activity.

Self control: Running is a just mere agitation in many people. It does agitate heart beat, respiration, circulation etc. There is less chances of self control on the individual in such agitation. While walking is controlled activity. Self control enhances one watch on his health.

Suitable for all ages: Walking can be done by people of all ages. like kids, adults and even old. While running may not be suitable to old people if they did not have habit of it.

For health compromised people: People with back or joint pains cannot go for running but can go for a walk. In other diseases like cardiac problems etc, doctors advice not go for a run and instead walk. Walking is even believed to enhance the strength of heart muscles.

A part of life: Walking can be made a part of life. Instead of putting some time aside just like we do for running, he can just walk to his office or place of work. If one does not have time for exercise walking is better but for running one has to devote some time.

Also you can check out yoga versus gym which is better. This indicates which sort of exercises are better.

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