Triphala Churna Benefits | Review from Personal Experience

I had a good experience of using this triphala churna for gut-related health.

There were symptoms of long-standing acidity, mucus stools, and frequent stools due to intestinal irritably.

On taking this medicine twice a day, the relief of the symptoms was immediate.

Had to take medicine for almost ten days continuously to get rid of the symptoms permanently.

Triphala churna is a combination powder of three herbs.

The herbs include Emblic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula, and Terminalia bellirica (Also part of iTone eye drops).

Each of these herbs has prominent medicinal property.

When combined they give a different set of health benefits.

It is a part of Ayurvedic medicine system and hence has very long history of use.

It is available as powder, tablets and even as liquid form.

Triphala Churna Benefits

The following are benefits of this natural medicine when used in recommended doses.

1. It reduces gastric acidity.Triphala Churna Benefits

2. It reduced intestinal irritability and thereby helped form well-formed stools.

3. It also minimizes mucus formation and expulsion in stools in the case of food irritation.

4. Since it controls acidity, it relieves gas formation and pain in the stomach.

5. It enhances the digestion and also promotes absorption of digested food.

6. It relieves constipation and thereby helps in removal of toxins.

7. With overall effects, it rejuvenates health.

Most of these actions seem to be the result of tannins components in the formulation.

Tannins, in general, precipitate the proteins and make the surface harder. This is called as an astringent effect.

Hence I assume the effects of this drug in the gut is due to astringent effects on gut mucosa. Since the effect is immediate, we get the relief very fast.

Besides the above, there are also other claims like it is useful for the treatment of eye diseases and also to relieve constipation.

How to use the drug?

If given in the form of churna, I advise a tablespoon full for adults twice daily.

The churna has to be mixed with water and swallowed. Also, the churna may taste bitter, but if you mixed well it would be sweeter a bit.

Also mixing in natural drinking water may form clumps. So use lukewarm water to mix the powder. There will be no clumps formed when warm water is used.

For tablets and liquid formulation go as per instructions on the label.

If tablets are used, the dosing would be accurate, and loss due to attachment to the utensils would be minimum.

For safer side, start with a small dose like one or half of the tablespoon. For children, we did not mention because it would seem bitter and they may vomit it.

Also, this formulation is used to cleanse your gut and protect from harsh food or meal. So whenever you feel you have consumed harsh food like in parties go for a dose of this herbal medicine. It would help to overcome the discomfort in the stomach.

Also, it would be good consume this formulation times of intense stress conditions like in traveling or hectic work. This triphala will help save the gut from the formation of acidity and ulcers in the stomach.

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