Natural Ways of Treating the Flu in Adults

Viral fevers like flue are devastating if not controlled and cured at the right time. Unlike bacterial infections, these fevers are silent killer types. Though they seem to be cured in a week or two, frequent infections can reduce the life span. The frequent flu attacks with long-standing can affect the respiratory system badly. It can lead to a decrease in respiratory capacity and also COPD.

Further modern medical science has no well-defined drugs to combat viral infections. This is maybe due to the simple viral structure. unlike in other microbes which have many options in their body structure to destroy them physically.

The symptoms of viral flu are mild, lifestyle disturbance small and seem to be not serious. Yet in the recent past, viral fevers are major causes of mortality of adults and children.

These fevers can be with specific characters like cold, fever, inflamed throat and remain silent till complete recovery or sometimes inevitable death of the patient.

Flu fever symptoms:

common symptoms include

Natural Ways of Treating the Flu

1. feverishness with body pains

2. Throbbing headaches.

3. Cold.

4. Inflammation of bronchi

5. Lethargic or weakness or tiredness.

6. Lack of appetite or taste.

Viral fever treatment:

There are no specific antiviral drugs for treatment except anti-influenza drugs. Further, not one virus strain alone causes the problem. Sometimes the strains can be many. So pinpoint remedies can be unavailable.

The allopathic treatment mode is to relieve the symptoms like feverishness, body pains, inflammation and headaches  This helps the patient to feel comfortable. But the internal body immunity has to fight the viral disease and get recovered in a span of a week or two. So symptomatic treatment can give comfort for the patient such that his body can naturally fight the disease. So the survival depends on the patient’s immunity and just allopathic treatment gives symptomatic relief of symptoms.

The homeopathic treatment mode: This is good medicine for the viral fevers. It affects proper cure and steady recovery without leaving the chances of mortality to fate. But since it might take some time for the homeo doctor to find the most suitable medicine for the patient, one has to be patient. So it is advisable to undergo homeo therapy along with allopathy.

The biochemic treatment: This is a part of homeopathy but a boon in disguise for viral fevers. These are well tested and recommended drugs for the said symptoms. Among these biochemic combination drugs, there are some for flu, cold, cough and other viral related symptoms. These are not immediate acting ones to show relief but are continuously in action to relieve the patient  Using these biochemic drugs besides homeo drugs can help the patient sustain the time span in treatment and definitely preventing form mortality. This biochemic treatment can be a safe yet supportive therapy to rescue the patient from viral fevers.

So my opinion is to use the bio-combination drugs based on the symptoms and besides take homeo or allopathic treatment. Have proper nutrition, rest and a few physical exercises like walking, etc till recovery.

This is a sloe opinion and kindly do not consider it as an expert opinion.


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