Symptoms of Piles and 4 Natural remedies to Cure Hemorrhoids

Piles are an outgrowth of veins in the anus due to constipation and hard stools. These can be so painful and difficult to cope with.

The article is intended for the relief of piles in stages 1 and 2 and not further, which require surgical intervention. Further, it is also not meant for piles with other complications like polyps and other issues.

The natural remedies for piles would be

  1. Pilex tablets,
  2. Sitz bath and
  3. Fibrous food
  4. Triphala churna tablets
  5. Drinking water.

This is applicable up to second-grade piles, too, without other complications.

Besides the above, having high-fibrous foods, staying away from oily foods, and avoiding constipation is beneficial.

Piles are the swollen red-colored external eruptions around the anus. They are the most painful and also embarrassing experiences one can ever suffer from.

With piles, it is difficult to sit, walk, or even relax properly. It is a health condition that affects many people in their life.

The symptoms of piles appear as a mild problem in many people and may subside naturally.

But in some of them, it may be a full-blown problem. The symptoms do not disappear; instead, they become worse day by day.

It is one of the lifestyle disorders which occurs due to the irregular habits of a person.

The only preventive remedy to piles seems to be proper water and fiber intake in the body.

Regular Treatment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal treatment can be very fast with a combination of allopathic drugs.

In practice, doctors prescribe especially local anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medicine along with laxatives.

Local anesthetics desensitize the area of pain and are helpful in relieving the pain immediately.

Anti-inflammatory medicine minimizes inflammation, which is the actual cause of pain, swelling of veins around the rectum, etc. These minimize the itching sensation and also the bleeding during stools.

Laxatives help relieve constipation which is the main cause and persistence of constipation.

Antibiotics are also given, which help to reduce any infection-based inflammation etc.

Further, one has to avoid fried foods, foods with much pepper, chili powder, meat, and chicken for faster recovery. Having light foods like milk, fruit juice, curds, etc., can help relieve symptoms fast.

The natural means to treat the piles

The natural treatment of piles aims to relieve the varicose veins and associated symptoms. Besides, taking natural medicine for constipation helps faster cure and prevent future chances of re-emergence.

1. Pilex tablets

As per a few medical experts, pilex is the gold standard for treating piles without surgery. This is available as both tablets for internal consumption and ointment for local application at the site of the anus.

2. Sitz bath

This is a procedure wherein a person sits in a hot water tub until the hip for 10 to 15 min. Sitz bath will give you instant relief from the pain of piles.

By this, the area of piles is exposed to warm water to bring instant relief of pain.

In my personal experience, this is the best for the intense pain of piles and also after surgical pain. Exposure to hot water helps to increase blood flow to the area and also minimizes itching.

On regular practice, the pains subside well and help in healing piles when accompanied by some medicine.

Even in case you have undergone surgery for piles, ask your doctor if you can use a Sitz bath for pain relief. It can be done as many times in a day to get relief from the intense pain.

Caution: But be careful not to sit in boiling water. Touch the water before with your hand to decide if the water is not too hot so as to burn the skin.

Fibrous food

Lack of constipation is one of the first steps to relieving hemorrhoids. Eating fibrous food helps to evacuate the bowels with ease. They retain more water in the gut and enhance mass leading to ease and timely evacuation. For this, one needs to eat fruits and cereals, and grams will help. Avoiding oil and spicy and minimizing non-veg diet help.

Fruits like Mango, guava, pineapple, and papaya have good fibrous content. When they are taken, they enhance the clearing of stools without straining. This relieves hemorrhoidal pains and symptoms.

Triphala churna tablets

Triphala is a combination of 3 herbal extracts that are prescribed in Ayurveda for gut health and relief of constipation. Triphala churna can rejuvenate gut health, so it is useful to prevent chances of constipation.

Even after hemorrhoidal surgery, there could be chances of re-emergence of piles. In such cases, taking Triphala churna tablets would help prevent the re-emergence of piles.

So if you are prone to piles-like symptoms, always have a stock of Triphala tablets as it helps greatly to relieve the symptoms and prevent the development.

Drinking water

Consume at least 5 liters of water a day in case you are prone to piles. Try to have a bottle of water around and take a sip every 15 min or so. If you are young and suffer from piles, drinking less water could be a cause.

Other natural aids

Use of oil/ soothing gels: One can use coconut oil or other soothing oils to minimize the pain. For this, the application at the site of the anus is beneficial. But see that there is no infection growing.

Posture: Sleeping or lying down are good positions in times of extreme pain. For sitting, one should avoid a cushion or sofa-like chair, but wooden chairs with a hard surface will be helpful. Also, try to minimize walking and running in times of intense pain.

Dress; Wear loose-fitting clothes, especially around the abdomen. This helps to minimize the pressure on the rectum. Also, avoid belts and elastic clothing around the waist.

Physical exercise: It is recommended to avoid sedentary life. Every day go for some exercise like gym or yoga for the prevention of piles.

Even if you work from home, try to go for a walk on a daily basis. This helps to bring movement to the gut.

When there is activity, the intestinal motility is fine. This helps the movement of the bowels and keeps them free from constipation.

Hard surface for sitting: When tend to sit on cushion surfaces or sofas for comfort. But those with frequent symptoms of piles will find that sitting on a hard surface provides relief.

Avoid riding a bike: This may seem silly. But try and see by not riding your bike (not a scooter) or bicycle. You will see a decrease in pain and also bleeding during stools.

Also, go for stools when you feel the urge. Do not delay and avoid the urge.

For food, try to have a diet of plain milk or something mixed with milk or buttermilk. Avoid all the possible types of spice, even avoid non-veg for a week. You will see a dramatic decrease in symptoms.

Symptoms of piles


In general, people experience the symptoms of piles during winter and summer. This seems quite interesting, but it is true.

The reason is that in winter, we tend to drink less water due to the fear of the coldness of the water. This leads to dryness and dehydration of the rectum leading to piles. Also, there are chances that people use heat blowers which aggravate dehydration. If you notice that you sleep in a room with a heater on during winter, your mouth seems to be dried, and you feel more thirsty. But you may not like to drink the water due to its coldness.

In summer, due to heavy temperatures and sweating, we likely get dehydrated, and the problem.

Also, other factors include a high-fat content diet, spicy foods, chicken (non-veg), low water consumption, sedentary life, etc.

The symptoms are seen in obese patients, pregnant women, children, and even adults, etc.

  1. There is extreme pain during the passing of stools with chances of bleeding.

2. Blood drips drop by drop during stools from the anus or

3. One can even feel the fistula eruptions or bead-like structures near the anus during the passing of stools.

4. The symptoms are aggravated by constipation and subside by drinking more water in a day.

5. Also, sitting on a cushion-like soft surface aggravates the symptoms, while sitting on a hard and wooden surface relieves them.

Causes of piles

a) Water insufficiency is considered a prime cause. So when you experience symptoms of pain, doctors ask you to consume more amounts of water.

Less intake of water will increase dehydration in the body. So the water from the gut is taken up to maintain the blood volume. In doing so, the mucous layer of the large intestine and rectum gets dried.

The bowels are also dry due to low water content. This leads to difficult movement of stools along the track, causing chances of rupture of the mucous membrane. During the evacuation, excess pressure on the delicate mucous layer of the rectum leads to bleeding, inflammation, etc. This leads to bleeding of the membrane, and hence we observe blood in stools.

The blood in stools is the first symptom of piles indicating low water content.

So when a person with piles consumes sufficient water, there will be quick relief from symptoms, as seen in many cases.

b) Fiber-less Diet: A diet without fibrous food is the next important cause. A low-fibrous diet like fried and junk foods enhances dehydration. This diet can even enhance inflammation and pain in the rectum. Having more fried food, meat, chicken, oil, etc., can cause piles. So it is good to have seasonal fruits, salad, and other vegetables to avoid piles.

c) Spicy foods: Piles are mostly seen in people who consume lots of spices, pickles, etc. Spicy foods disturb the normal rhythm of the digestive tract. They can irritate the gut and make it sensitive and inflamed. Once these remnants of spicy food reach the rectum, they cause further irritation and pain. Hence you can notice that when you consume more pickled or spiced food, there will be pain during the evacuation. Minimal consumption of spicy foods will relieve the symptoms of piles faster.

d) Irregular bowel habits also cause piles. So it is better to go for clearing bowels when there is an urge.

e) Sedentary lifestyle: This is the common cause of piles. Lack of physical activity leads to inactive digestive gut movements. This causes constipation and, thereby, piles. So to avoid this, one must have an active life with proper workouts and exercises.

Even those who work for a long by sitting experience piles. So it is good to work by standing and frequently moving in between.

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