Sunstroke Symptoms |Its Treatment with Natural Remedies

Sunstroke is the most debilitating disorder one can get into in hot summers.

It is the sole reason for deaths of people due to hot environment in summers round the world.

Sunstroke is very severe these days due to sudden change in climate and also excess heat in summers.

Sunstroke is state where the temperature regulating center in the brain is out of order. It has lost its fine balance to control the temperature at the set point and so it doesn’t prevent body from getting overheated.

Since body has food materials in continuous metabolism phase, the temperature raises uncontrolled. This raise in temperature is said to be very detrimental to the patient suffering from sunstroke.

Symptoms of sunstroke:

1. Uneasy feeling.Sunstroke Symptoms

2.Raise in body temperature.

3. Weakness

4. No sweating in-spite of hot weather.

5. Frequent urination at night in between sleep.

The dangerous effects of sunstroke are:

a) Rise  in body temperature making other body organs including brain dysfunctional.

b) Brain and kidney damage.

c) Intense weakness

d) Lack of thirst, sweating and other body control by brain.

How to get relief of symptoms and regain strength:

1. Cool the body by use of wet cloth or by lying in a water tub.

2. Drink sufficient water with glucose or sugar in it to gain some strength and energy.

3. Eating is recommended to gain strength but once you eat body temperature raises due to metabolic heat generated due to food.

4. Use less clothing and stay in indoor with cooler.

5. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight even during morning hours. In case one needs to go, he or she has to use a white cloth wrapped around the head and face leaving only eyes open. White cloth reflects back the sunlight and saves from exposure. Do not use red cloth instead as it can increase the chance of heat stroke.

6. Stay stress free. Just relax, do no watch TV, read books or even engage in heated talk. Giving relief to mind is very important.

How to get rid of sunstroke:

1. Once you are affected by sunstroke, taking water and electrolytes will replenish the fluids in the body and help regain some strength.

2. Taking anti-pyretics won’t help you normalize the body temperature. Instead, sitting directly below a cooler to relieve temperature could work.

3. Drinking unripe mango juice obtained after boiling them is the best medication to overcome sunstroke.

4. Stay in doors for few days till all the symptoms are vanished.

How to prevent sunstroke.

1.  Wear a white cloth on head if on bike or walk in the open sun. This helps prevent suns rays and its heat falling directly on your head. Also you can use an umbrella.

2. Drink a mixture of water+ roasted chickpea flour+sugar when consumed before going into hot summer is very advantageous. It is a natural coolant and also a protein powder which adds to muscle strength.

3. Drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt in it before going out into sun. Also have bottle of water with you.

4. Application of coconut oil to the scalp. This is a daily grooming habits of people in some parts of the world. But it is said to be done to keep the head cool even during summers. So it is advisable to use coconut oil for scalp to prevent heating and there by sunstroke.

Few Facts of sunstroke

1. sunstroke treatment with paracetamol: Paracetamol is an anti-pyretic i.e. it reduces febrile temperatures. but in sunstroke the temperature does not go down on administration of paracetamol. Instead it may cause vomiting by being an irritant to vomiting center.

2. Effect on kidneys: Sunstroke is one of the few disorders which damages nephrons in the kidneys. So once you have sunstroke check if you are going for urination many times at night. This may be indicative damage to nephrons.

3. How long it lasts: May be 5 day to a week at maximum cases. But for some this may last for more than 10 days. In that case you can suspect another debilitating disease. This can be a Tuberculosis even.

However, consult a physician immediately if you feel very weak and unable to sustain.

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