Septilin Review | An effective Remedy for Infections

I once suffered from severe viral fever for a couple of days. I tried taking paracetamol and then antibiotics to relieve fever.

But, the suffering was long with changes in stools, body energy, etc. I was fragile and even loose stools set in. Finally, I began to recover, but it was not complete.

Interestingly my two kids and even my wife suffered the fever, and the whole family was weak. We consulted many doctors, and one physician who works as deputy surgeon in a government hospital recommended septilin from Himalaya for complete recovery.

Since I am of a pharmacy background, I tested it and it became my favorite medicine for the whole family.

After taking it twice a day, I felt better and got completely cured of the remaining infection in two days.

Whenever there were little infection symptoms, I used to rely on it and it gave relief instantly.septilin review-tablet pack If you wish to avoid frequent use of antibiotics to your kids and family, I would say try septilin once.

Even if you are on antibiotics, add septilin to treatment, you will notice excellent results.

Septilin Indications and my experience.

As per the company website, it is good for

  1. Upper respiratory tract infections. This could mean cold, nose and even throat infections.
  2. Mild fever as it is a natural antipyretic. This means it could reduce body fever.
  3. Antiresistance, i.e., it prevents the resistance of microbes to antibiotics.
  4. Blood infections, dental, skin and eye infections.

As per my usage, it worked well to relieve the rumbling sound in the breath. This happens when phlegm is present in the wind tract. This could be a blessing for those who suffer from frequent respiratory infections in winter due to dust pollution. If the symptoms are mild, septilin would be fine. If severe, septilin, along with anti-infective drugs like antibiotics, would do well.

Septlin ingredients

It is made of multiple natural herbs like

  1. Tinospora gulancha
  2. Licoriceā€°
  3. Guggul

The first and last components are immunomodulatory, i.e., they strengthen the body’s immune defense naturally. In comparison, the second component benefits the skin.

They together provide immunity, antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The dosage of septilin syrup

The physician recommends 10ml twice a day for adults and 5ml twice a day for children. When our children of age 2 and four years old fell sick with recurring fevers. We used to give them septilin and it seems to inhibit the full-fledged progression of the infection. But still, consider this based on a doctor’s suggestion.

Uses of septilin

The primary indication as per the company is to fight infections. But septilin seems to work for blood, respiratory and other infections. It may also be an excellent natural remedy to counter antibiotic resistance. If one has frequent respiratory or other infections, septilin could be a beneficial drug. Besides, those exposed to air pollution could benefit from it.

Also, check out other natural remedies like itone for eye strain, pilex for fistula, or piles.

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