Himalaya Pilex Tablets & Ointment for Piles|A Review

I did suffer from hemorrhoid symptoms previously, like a couple of years ago.

I used pilex formulation, and here is my experience with it.

Though I did not suffer fully established symptoms, small symptoms like rectal bleeding were present due to seasonal constipation.

One of the main reasons for piles formation is the sedentary lifestyle, low water, and fiber intake.

Most of the time, I could recover from symptoms by having more guavas, mangoes, apples combined with walking, and drinking plenty of water (like 5 liters a day).

Also, I minimized the intake of a non-veg and spicy diet.

I recently had a lingering cold, which led to prolonged bleeding symptoms in stools and slight pain, which made me think of medicines.

Being a pharmacologist myself, I know there is no effective medicine in allopathy.

Just, to aid healing, doctors would prescribe docusate and calcium Dobesilate tablets.

Doccusates act as laxatives to relieve constipation, while Calcium Dobesilate helps minimize blood loss from veins.

Pilex for hemorrhoids

So, allopathic treatment was mostly symptomatic and meant to relieve pain and inflammation.

But to cure piles, I had to search for better options.

I came across an interesting natural remedy from ayurvedic product manufacturer Himalaya Limited.

They had medicine in the form of tablets as well as an ointment form, both made from natural plant extracts.

The pharmacist advised taking a tablet twice a day and using ointment before bed. The results were effective immediately.

Pilex tablet review

There will be an increased tendency of gas expulsion, free bowel movement, and relief from constipation associated with hemorrhoids on taking tablets.

From the second day onwards, the symptoms could subside too.

On continuous use for a week, there can be complete relief of symptoms without any side effects.

The tablets come in a white plastic bottle with an airtight seal, closed with aluminum foil, and tightened with a green lid.

There are 60 white circular tablets without any odor and bland taste.

They can be consumed with a glass of water.

Dose of pilex tablets

The tablet bottle label indicates to start with two tablets twice a day and then continue with one tablet twice a day. But the pharmacist recommended just 1 tablet twice a day and it was fine.

My recommendation is to start with 2 tablets twice a day for 3 days, then if you feel better, go for 1 tablet twice daily.

Pilex ointment

This comes with a plastic tube inside a cardboard box.

You may also find the latex finer covers for the application of ointment in the region.

This is safe as it can prevent any contamination from naked hands.

It tends to be smooth without any sort of irritation on application. Also, it would be less sticky and hence would not damage the clothes.

Both the pilex formulations of Himalaya are good to relieve constipation and also mild to moderate hemorrhoids.

I came across a diabetic person having piles. He said he was on pilex tablets for over ten years.

Finally, since there were other problems like his lower clothes getting wet underneath due to a bike ride, he came for a hemorrhoidectomy.

So, if you have mild symptoms of piles like in the first and second stage, you could try pilex without any issue.

It provides symptomatic relief, relieves constipation, and also stops rectal bleeding.

But if you have tertiary piles and other complications like a polyp near the anus,  it would be better to go for surgery.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

How to apply pilex ointment

There is an applicator to apply the ointment to the rectum. Another way is to use finger latex covers to apply the ointment carefully with a hand at the area.

How to use Himalaya pilex ointment

The ointment should be applied directly in the pile’s region with a naked finger or with the finger covers.
Apply before and after clearing the bowels and before going to bed. Using it along with pilex tablets would be more effective.

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