Natural Tooth Pain Relief due to infection or Caries

Tooth pain is common in those who consume more sweets, sugary foods, and drinks.

The chances of tooth pain increase with age, and people of all ages can experience it.

However, the chances are more in those with unclean oral hygiene, eating more sweets, and those under stress.

The natural tooth pain relief methods

The method mentioned is based on personal experience.

If you visit a dentist, you must undergo a root canal operation where the affected tooth is dug and permanently deformed.

The other way is to control the infection by improving your immunity. So our technique relies on this.

The simple techniques include

  1. Gagrling with cocount oil twice daily.
  2. Brush with simple charcoal or herbal toothpowder using instead of paste.
  3. Stop drinking and eating any sweet or sugary material, including coffee, tea, milk, etc.
  4. Gargle and mouthwash with plain or salt water after every meal for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  5. Use a natural immune booster or anti-infective like Tinospora or neem.
  6. If pain is uncontrollable, use painkillers until the immune booster drugs take charge.

Gargel with coconut oil

Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antiinflammatory properies.

This makes it best suited for management of teeth infection and pain.

Take 5 to 10ml of coconut oil (tea spoon full) into your mouth and rinsing or gargle thoroughly for 5 minutes

Then spit out and after 2 minutes, wash your mouth with clean water.

You will notice a significant difference in pain before and after this approach.

Avoid sugar or sweet items.

Tooth pain aggravates due to bacterial growth and activity. Sweet and sugary drinks or eatables support this.

So those with tooth pain must avoid them for some days.

Even if the tooth pain subsides, it is good to have them rarely to prevent tooth damage.

Use immune boosters to fight tooth decay.

Tooth decay is a cause of pain, and upon visiting your dentist, you will be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers.

So, one needs to control the bacteria in the affected teeth.

This is done in people with healthy immunity; if you have weak immunity, then the problem of tooth pain is seen.

One can use natural immune boosters like Tinospora cardi folia which is available online as Giloy tablets.

Another natural yet efficient immune booster is Sudarshan Ghanvati.

Clean your teeth with toothpowder using your fingers.

Most tend to use a toothbrush and paste for brushing. But the best way is to use hand fingers with tooth powder.

The tooth powder could be herbal-based; if you don’t find it, use normal charcoal powder.

The charcoal-based tooth powders absorb all bacteria and food particles from the mouth and help keep the mouth clean.

If pain is uncontrollable, you use painkillers.

If pain is severe, one can use natural tooth painkillers or even paracetamol till the pain subsides.

This is needed till the immune booster drugs take charge.

The natural one to use is clove oil. The clove oil is a natural antiseptic as well as acts as a local anesthetic.

Gargle and mouthwash with plain or salt water

After every meal, one should gargle the mouth for 30 seconds to 2 minutes with plain water. This way, any particles in between teeth can be removed and cleaned.

If the pain is severe, one can use warm water with salt in it for cleaning and pain relief.

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