Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure to Consider

Blood pressure (BP) is a severe, long-standing disorder that needs efficient medical care. The Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure include.

  1. Patanjali’s Divya Mukta Vati tablets.
  2. Yoga and meditation
  3. Arjuna bark extract.
  4. Garlic (Lasuna)
  5. Rauwolfia
  6. Guggul lipids
  7. Ashvagandha
  8. Basil
  9. DASH diet
  10. Walking
  11. Reduce sodium intake

The pressure of blood in the arteries is called BP.

When measured with a sphygmomanometer in a healthy individual, it is around 120/80 ± 10 mm of Hg.

The upper figure represents the systolic BP, while the lower figure indicates the diastolic BP.

When you check your blood pressure, try to take multiple readings in a day.

Because a single measurement may not indicate it, you may neglect it, which could cause serious problems later.

Blood pressure checking machine

So, try to take multiple readings in a day, like in the morning after awake, in the afternoon, evening, before going to bed, etc. Use a digital sphygmomanometer to monitor your BP regularly.

The rise in blood pressure depends on anxiety, the resistance of blood vessel walls, age, diet, etc.

The chances of a rise in blood pressure are risky to health as it can cause clots and stroke in the brain, kidneys, cardiac problems, etc.

Any negligence in taking medicines can lead to an abrupt rise in BP, leading to severe life risks.

So it is always advised to consult a doctor, self-monitor, and take medicine for healthy blood pressure.

Also, try to overcome addiction to alcohol and smoking.

How to control high blood pressure without medication

Patanjali’s Divya Mukta Vati tablets.

Mukta Vati is an Ayurvedic formulation made using regular plant extracts.

It is available as tablets which can be taken twice a day dosing.

It shows excellent results in controlling BP.

As a caution, do not stop regular medicines abruptly but slowly discontinue them when you get long-lasting results with Mukta Vati.

Try to start with one pill a day and monitor the changes in the body.

Some of them experience excessive urination at night and also disturbed breathing.

So, take one tablet in the morning every day and notice the changes.

It is good medicine and is used by my friends and family members.

Yoga and meditation

Blood pressure fluctuates due to mental anxiety, lack of sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle. So adopt some form of exercise to keep it under control.

Along with natural medicines, practicing yoga and meditation helps to keep your BP under control.

One can practice pranayams-related breathing and also yoga postures.

Refer to the different yoga postures and Pranayam for high and low blood pressure in the book light on yoga.


This is an extract from the dried bark of the Terminalia Arjuna tree.

It consists of water-soluble tannin, which supports cardiac health and regulates blood circulation.

Those who take it regularly can decrease hypertension symptoms without other side effects.

Arjuna reduces blood pressure through its actions in the brain and also on blood vessels.

It also helps to reduce edema through enhanced urination.

Further, if you have breathlessness or congestion in the chest, it helps to relieve it by supporting heart function.

Still, it is advised to consult a physician before you try this product.

Also, check your blood pressure regularly while taking this medicine.


This is the kitchen garlic, and having it regularly can reduce high blood pressure.

It also reduces cholesterol and excess fat content in the blood.

Thus it helps to check blood pressure and heart disease chances.

However, since it is pungent to eat raw garlic, one can have it as a tablet of garlic extract.


This is an alkaloid extract from the plant rauwolfia serpentine plant.

It reduces mild to moderate blood pressure by its action on the nervous system.

However, the rauwolfia extract is too bitter to taste.

Hence, you could take it in tablets or capsules.

Guggul lipids

Guggul lipids help in the reduction of high blood pressure by their ability to reduce harmful lipids in the body.


Ashvagandha is a general health supplement that helps reduce stress and improve overall health.

It can reduce high blood pressure provided other steps like physical activity and control over salt and oil uptake are followed.


It is also called Tulasi and has pronounced effects on respiration, stress, and mental health.

Basil helps to reduce blood pressure arising out of mental stress.

By DASH diet

DASH is an abbreviation for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.”

This is a sort of diet that includes more fruits, vegetables, grain, and less fatty food, spices, etc.

One can take detailed notes from their physician or look into DASH books.

By exercise

Exercises are promising workouts for muscles and help regulate their tone.

Blood vessels have muscles that maintain their contractile nature, thereby regulating blood pressure.

So doing exercise helps them stay fit in function.

So blood pressure comes down even in those patients who walk like regular workouts.

If you are old or feel too hard to exercise, walk. Walking is one of the natural exercises.

It helps relieve stress in muscles and minimize blood pressure.

If you are old and have vertigo due to high blood pressure, try walking for a few hundred meters a day.

You will notice a decline in symptoms of high BP.

Even exercise helps remove body water content through sweat, keeping blood pressure low.

The intention of the exercise is also to bring elasticity to muscles and reduce obesity and overweight.

By stress-free mind

Many youngsters have high blood pressure due to mental stress.

Psychological problems like anxiety lead one to suffer from high blood pressure.

These people can get rid of their blood pressure by relaxing their minds.

Stress relief, breathing exercises, good sleep, and positive thoughts can achieve this.

By decreasing Sodium consumption

Sodium consumption is a part of the food as it is added for better taste.

High salt intake increases blood volume due to its ability to retain water inside.

So a reduction in salt intake reduces blood volume and, thereby, high blood pressure.

Decrease consumption of oil and fat-rich foods.

Oily foods enhance cholesterol formation, which hardens the blood vessels, leading to a lack of elasticity and alteration in blood pressure.

So control of cholesterol levels is vital to lower blood pressure. The blood vessels stay healthy and avoid high blood pressure for a long time.

Less spicy food

Spicy foods add to stress and excitement in the brain, raising blood pressure.

Also, most spicy foods have oil. So use as little spice in food.

Also, take steps to reduce weight in case you are obese. Obesity is also one of the causative factors for changes in blood pressure.


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  1. Thanks for the info on natural extracts and spices that help with lowering blood pressure. I hadn’t even heard of some of them. Interesting that basil helps with mental stress. And I thought it just tasted good! : )

    One thing to keep in mind regarding the sodium is how much is recommended. For people with high blood pressure, only 1500 mg is recommended daily vs the 2300 mg that people with healthy blood pressure can have. Knowing where to look for hidden sodium is one key, I think. You mentioned some…another is butter. Always buy unsalted, because salted has about 100 mg per tbsp. Why use that 100 mg as part of your limit when there are so many other things on their own that can taste better! That’s just one example.


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