How to stop anxiety? Natural anxiety relief tips

Anxiety is natural emotional disturbance seen in daily life activities due to imaginative fear of which can supposedly happen.

Though we have medicines for anxiety relief, overcoming the symptoms by Natural anxiety relief tips or techniques is very easier.

But if it is of long-standing for 6 months or so then it is a disorder and requires some good medical help besides some psychotherapy.

We are all prone to anxiety in situations which we don’t like to face in daily life-like appearing for a test or exam, public speaking on a stage (social phobia), flight journeys, during health or other hazards etc.

How to stop anxiety? 

The concept or solution to stop anxiety problem is to overcome its symptoms or the internal fear that something odd will happen etc. For this we need to assess the route cause of the problem.

Once try to analyse the situation why you are when you are mostly anxious. Also try to figure our what signs of anxiety you experience during the situation. Because not all of us have same anxiety signs and also level of severity at similar situation.This helps you get an idea regarding the situation to take prior steps to overcome the anxiety causing issue.

Mostly one is prone to anxiety

  • When one is particularly reluctant to accept the situation or person or task.
  • Even when he is not aware of whats about to happen next in the situation he id about to face.
  • If one is a loner who confide less in others.Natural anxiety relief
  • If one is left behind or lacking in task required to complete and also compete.
  • If the situation is so important that one needs to overcome and not sure of what might be the outcome while is he is expecting results in his favor etc.

Natural anxiety relief tips:

♦ Try to visualize the possible ways to handle things if the outcome of tensed situation is not favorable to you.

♦ Try to have a back up plan for the worst result.

♦ If you are waiting for some outcome and so anxious about it, try spending time with good company, near water or greenery, ope air etc.

♦ To approach any place or situation of which you are anxious about, try to collect maximum possible information regarding the place, person, situation from those who know. And also think and inquire about the ways to have friendly outcome.

♦ Share your feelings with loved ones and always keep yourself without confusion of any situation. This help you be clear of happenings around. Building up of unnecessary imaginary threat further enhances your chances of being prone to anxiety.

♦ Try not to wear tight-fitting dresses in times you think you are  susceptible to anxiety especially around waist, in case of woman even around chest regions as this provide you easy breathing and heart beat.

♦ Have good amount of natural foods like grams, leafy vegetables etc to help you cope up the anxiety. Try avoiding junk foods.

♦ If you were loner or brought up by lonely atmospheres, try to expose yourself gradually to some groups of like-minded people where you may fit in. This is like exposure therapy and it brings you immediate results.

Breathing techniques as modes of Natural anxiety relief;

Many suggest breathing techniques for natural anxiety relief, because these are easy to follow and also highly effective. They help you control anxiety signs like respiratory insufficiency, high pulse and heart rate and also provide relief to brain due to oxygen supply. These techniques can be followed in some disciplined way like a routine breathing exercise practice in the mornings or any where during your work hours for immediate relief of anxiety.

The tips on how to stop anxiety by natural ways is not full until you discover your own methods. Because this is behavioral disorder and if you can assess yourself, you can easily sort out your own ways to control your anxiety besides those ideas mentioned above.

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