How to Reduce Eye Strain | 7 Tips to Prevent Naturally

Have you felt eye strain and pain due to use persistent use of a computer? Then here are tips to get rid of the pain.

Eyes are quite normal when you see normal things which are not displaying light.

But once we tend to use a computer or watching TV for long, then we feel eye discomfort.

This eye discomfort is in the form of pain, watering of eyes, redness, etc. Also, there may be itch and redness of the eyes.

If one tries to rub the eyes, they become bruised and symptoms further worsen and the pain stays for long.

During working with eyes, there is a decrease in blinking frequency which dehydrates the eye surface. Also, the harsh light from the screen of TV or computer falls directly on the eyeball.

How to Reduce Eye Strain
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Tips on How to Relieve Eye Strain:

1. Maintain distance: While you are watching TV or computer maintain distance from the screen.

This may not be possible on a computer but on television. Sit at a distance of ten feet at least from any TV.

The more the screen size, the more the distance one needs to maintain from the TV.

For a  computer, this is not possible but still, one can still have a foot or two distance from it.

2. Angle to the screen: This is an easy method and can be followed on any display screen. If you are working on a laptop, desktop, or even TV, use an angle to the screen.

Do not directly watch into the screen. Doing so will make the eyes face the direct light rays from the screen. But if you view from an angle, the screen rays intensity will be low as you get only deflecting rays on your eyes.

This making of an angle to the screen will help avoid strain on the eyes.

If it is television, then don’t sit in front of it. Try to sit in a way you are not straight in front of the TV but aside.

If it is a laptop or desktop, bend the screen so as to face the sky. Of course, make small angle adjustments to view clearly.

3. Have light in between: It is important to watch the screen of a computer or TV in the presence of bright light. This presence of bright light will act as interference to the light from the screen. For this, you can sit beside a window for light interference. But this might not be always possible. So the option is to have a bright light on the top of the work table or TV. The light rays from the top will be interfering with rays from the screen.

4. Use Anti-glare eye ware: Using anti-glare spectacles helps prevent harsh light from falling on your eyes directly.

Though the other factors are not to be neglected, still eye ware helps in relief of strain.

For this, you can opt for anti-glare spectacles. They are not that expensive if you get them from a proper retailer.

5. Take a break every 25 to 45 min: This is also the best remedy. Continuous watching makes your eye dry. This also exposes the eye layers to harsh rays. So having a break for a few minutes in between will be a great relief from eye strain.

You can use a timer like the promodoro app for helping you work with breaks.

In this break try to walk around. This helps you relieve the pressure of a sedentary lifestyle. Also sitting for long is not good for health.

6. Use eye-drops: Eye drops like those which are good for moisturizing (having carboxymethyl cellulose] or alternative medical preparation like itone are good remedies for strained eyes. They can be applied as per directions or in acute conditions even while at work on a computer.

If not one can moisturizing eye drops made of carboxymethyl cellulose.

7. Have sufficient sleep: If you are working on a computer or watching tv for a long. Then one needs to sleep in time and well. Sleep relieves stress in the whole body besides the eyes. Those who strain a lot are frequently prone to eye strains.

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