How to Improve Gut Health Naturally

If you are like me, who have a sensitive stomach, it is worth reading my experiences with gut management.

Mental stress is one that disturbs one’s gut health. Besides this, impure drinking water, contaminated food, alcohol, excess travel, sedentary lifestyle affect gut health.

Prolonged stress would make the stomach and other gut regions like the mouth, esophagus, intestines sensitive.

People with sensitive stomachs would develop.

  1. Mouth ulcers,
  2. Acidity,
  3. Cramps,
  4. Constipation,
  5. Stomach upset
  6. Diarhea
  7. inflammation,
  8. mucus in stools,
  9. piles or fistula,
  10. Irritable bowel syndrome etc.

The above problems become so common that they often appear if not taken care of.

Taking a few precautions would help us prevent them beforehand, and below are the ones to follow.

Mouth ulcers

This occurs in most cases due to vitamin-B deficiency or constipation.

This can be cured easily by vitamin-B supplements like riboflavin.

Even avoiding constipation can help. For constipation, I recommend Triphala churna or pilex tablets.

Stomach pain or acidity

This can occur if

  1. You drink impure water, long stored water, contaminated water, muddy water etc.
  2. If you travel too much of alcohol drinks.
  3. When you have some mental stress.
  4. Due to consuming spicy food.
  5. During constipation.

Acidity is caused due to stress, contaminated water, or even taking spicy food.

So if you suffer from acidity periodically, it could be due to any of the above causes.

Keep a check on them and besides practice some stress reduction techniques like meditation.

Meditation relieves stress and also helps expel gas in the gut.

Also, if the symptoms are persistent, you can use an antacid for a few days like the Yashtimadhu tablets or powder mixed in water twice a day.

Besides, you could also take Triphala churna.


This occurs in most cases due to

  1. Inactive day or sedentary life leading to less movement of gut intestine and there by constipation.
  2. Due to oily foods, too much fatty food, non-veg diet etc.
  3. Due to insufficient drinking of water etc.

So the best way is to drink lots of water and avoid sedentary life by walking or using the treadmill every day.

Also, one can use Triphala churna for it too.

If you frequently suffer from constipation, then you could use a bicycle for work, avoid oil foods and include at least 250gm of fibrous food in your diet every day.

Stomach upset

This occurs due to the indigestion of food consumed. It can be mostly due to an infection or stress.
For this, one can have rest, take probiotics, or natural anti-infectives like Tinospora cordifolia.


This occurs due to irritation of the gut by spicy food, contaminated food, bacterial infection, antibiotics, etc.

For this, one can prefer probiotics as a remedy. Besides, one should have oral rehydration salts to avoid weakness.


This condition occurs if one has constipation and takes fatty or spicy food.

It can be painful and may disturb daily life activities too.

Consult a physician if it is too severe. You may also try out pilex as natural medicine.

If you have first-degree and sometimes second-degree piles without other complications, natural medicine like pilex can help relieve. But if you have other difficulties with piles, the surgery would help.

Inflammation and mucous stools

This problem is quite uneasy. You tend to have urgency for stools. And the evacuation would have mucus. This makes you feel weak and uneasy.

Consult a physician as it would be a serious issue. Also, you can try Triphala churna.


This occurs as a result of chronic constipation and oily food consumption. It can be avoided by proper water and fibrous food intake.

Besides on can use pilex tablets and ointment, which helps to relieve the problems in the early stages.

Does tap water kill probiotics?

No, it does not kill bacteria in probiotics. One drink probiotics solution made in tape water.

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