How I Got Rid of Dandruff Naturally at Home

I have been suffering from periodic attacks of dandruff. This was mostly due to changes in places of residence, water, and stress factors.

However, there was an interesting way of how I got rid of dandruff without the use of harsh chemicals. I used natural henna for hair and neem tablets and dandruff was gone.

How I Got Rid of Dandruff Naturally

How I Got Rid of Dandruff Naturally

  1. Using neem tablets
  2. Hair oil.
  3. Head bath with soft water

I have had dandruff for more than 20 years since high school. But, there was a periodic aggravation and a decrease in symptoms.

But recently, I had to live in a place with hard water, and there was a heavy increase. I do not prefer harsh chemicals like shampoos or other medicines. This is because I believe that once, you are affected by it, it does not cure.

So, before having a head bath, I used to go for the application of lemon juice to the scalp. Then after a gap of 10 minutes would clean the head or go for a bath. Lemon juice is acidic and hence useful to control the dandruff fungus.  Besides, it also helps clean the oil residue and other microbes.

This method was effective just partially. But recently, I tried Henna which is a combination of a few herbal drugs.

I applied the paste on the entire head and left it off for a couple of hours. I had a bath with normal shampoo and got it cleaned.

The dandruff was reduced. I noticed a significant decrease in hair fall and also the formation of scales on the scalp.

And, even after checking it after a week, still, the results are good.

The henna combination had the following herbal extracts like

  1. Lawsonia inermis leaf powder
  2. Aloe barbadensis leaf powder
  3. Centella Asiatica leaf extract (Brahmi)
  4. Azadirachta indica leaf powder
  5. Eclipta alba powder
  6. Emblica officinalis fruit extract (Amla)
  7. Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis flower powder
  8. Acacia concina pod powder (shikakai)
  9. Nardostacjys jatamansi rhizome powder
  10. Trigonella foenum seed powder

Of the above hibiscus is said to rejuvenate hair, while Brahmi promotes hair growth. Neem helps to fight infection and prevent dandruff and shikakai cleans the hair leaving it shiny.

The overall effects seem to have made the scalp less itchy and a decrease in hair fall. Also, there was no development of a bad odor on the scalp due to dandruff before. Overall I am happy with the result.

However, to control dandruff and also encourage hair growth, it is best to apply neem oil mixed in coconut or almond oil. This massage not only controls dandruff but also minimizes hair fall and encourages growth instead.

But with changes in water due to migration to different cities, the problem used to always resurface. It mostly gets severe when there is hard water.

In such cases, I got good results by using a combination of shampoo with Patanjali natural cleanser and also using kesh king hair oil. Having a head bath at least thrice in a week and using Kesh King hair oil thrice a week got good results. Even the lost hair tends to reappear.

Neem tablets

Neem is known for its anti-microbial properties and it also boosts immunity and facilitates skin health.

Taking a neem tablet twice a day for over a month has been shown to prevent the re-emergence of dandruff and also enhance hair growth.

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