Himalaya Bresol Review| Natural Medicine for Respiratory problems

Himalaya is one of the leading company for herbal products based on ayurvedic knowledge. Recently we came across an interesting syrup namely himalaya bresol. This was meant for chronic respiratory disorders like bronchitis.

I think this would be one of the best medicine for those with respiratory problems, throat infections during the winter season.

It claims to remove the phlegm accumulation, decrease the chances of a cough and also kill any infection.

This seems to be a complete package for respiratory problems as it also enhances breathing.

My Review of Himalaya Bresol

Bresol composition:

It has three natural herb ingredients like

a) Turmeric which natural anti-infective and also anti-inflammatory.

b) Tulsi an antiallergic and bronchodilator

c) Vasaka a mucokinetic agent which helps to liquefy the phlegm and expel it from the respiratory tract.

Experience with bresol:

Bresol is available in tablet and syrup form. I prefer tablets for adults as it would be cheaper. For children and old age people i would recommend to go for syrup.

Bresol was taken once during winter at a dose of 10ml twice a day. The syrup was sweet like honey and had acceptable taste and flavor.himalaya bresol reviewOn the first dose, there was a significant reduction in phlegm and chest congestion.

On further use, the phlegm was gone entirely and even respiration was free.

However, with tablets I felt better when one takes two pills twice a day for two days and then one pile twice untill there is relief.

I notice my other family members suffering from throat pain due to cold weather get better with bresol. Previously the same symptoms were dealth with antibiotics. But, using antibiotics frequently is not recommended. So I tried bresol and there was relief from the first dose.

So, for me for winter congestion, bresol with septilin is a best combination to fight respiratory problems.


Bresol as per the company claims is good for

  1. Stuffy nose i.e.the congestion of nose due to allergic pollution.
  2. For pollen allergy
  3. bronchial asthma and also
  4. Allergic bronchitis

It is available as both syrup and tablet formulation. But it seems to be expensive than other formulations like septilin and pilex.

If one has a respiratory infection, you can get rid with septilin or bresol alone. But if you have even phlegm accumulation leading to wheezing sound in your respiratory tract, then bresol would be useful.

The formulation is said to have no side effects as per the company. And since they are herbal ingredients and most of them like turmeric and tulsi are used daily without side effects, their claims may be right. Still, the company claims to have no side effects based on their clinical research.

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