Glister Toothpaste Review after Years of Usage

Glister is a premium toothpaste from the Amway corporation.

I have been using this paste since 2005, and I have never felt to replace it with others due to its consistency in quality and effectiveness.

If you are interested in premium toothpaste with a pleasant feeling, you will like glister.

Unlike other kinds of toothpaste, it is not harsh on the teeth’ enamel, and further, it helps promote enamel growth.

If you are suffering from tooth pain, I would suggest you try glister toothpaste once.

My Review of Glister Toothpaste

Glister toothpaste comes in two flavors as

  1. Multi-action toothpaste (regular)
  2. Herbal toothpaste (new one)
Glister Toothpaste review
Glister multi-action toothpaste

The first one, a regular one, was present for many decades, but the herbal one is a recent addition.

If one has sensitive teeth, he can opt for an herbal formulation.

But for regular brushing, multi-action toothpaste is better.

Unlike other toothpaste, it is made from a natural material.

There is no use of bones or other stuff from the animals. Hence, a green symbol is indicated on the paste.

They use fine silica or sand particles for the cleansing action, while other toothpaste brands use animal bone powder due to cost factors.

The toothpaste does not foam much, filling your mouth to cause inconvenience.

A small grain of glister toothpaste, i.e., the size of a red gram, is enough for an adult mouth cleansing.

It foams sufficiently and cleans effectively. Once cleaned, you can sense the teeth or very smooth and gliding.

There would be no bad odor or excess flavor after brushing.

It uses carefully tested material, so there is no damage to the teeth’ enamel.

However, one should brush only after a half-hour or more of having food to avoid damage to enamel due to brushing.

Glister toothpaste ingredients

Sl.NoIngredientRole/ use
1Hydrated silicaParticles to cleanse the dirt one teeth
2Glycerinhumectant (Retains moisture) prevents drying
3SorbitolSweetener and also a humectant
4Propylene glycolProvides smoothness and improves the texture of the product,
5Sodium lauryl sulfateIt is a foaming agent that extracts stains and debris.
6XylitolPromotes dental health and prevents teeth decay.
7Sodium carboxymethylcelluloseIt acts as a thickening agent and helps maintain the stability of the paste.
8PEG-8Acts as a dispersing agent
9Titanium dioxide (Cl78891)White coloring agent
10Xanthan gumThickening and suspending property
11Sodium fluorideprevents tooth decay and promotes the remineralization
12Sodium saccharinsweetener
13Methylparabenantimicrobial preservative
14Propylparaben preservative
15Brilliant Blue FCFColoring agent

Glister herbal toothpaste benefits

This is a recent addition to their personal care set of products. It is aimed at those who prefer paste with herbal ingredentiant or those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Glister herbal toothpaste

Herbal glister ingredients

On the other hand, the herbal formulation has 11 added herbal ingredients like

1CloveAntiseptic, analgesic
3Tea Treegerm protection and prevents foul breathe
4SpearmintFreshens breath
6CamphorIt has an antimicrobial and cooling sensation
8EucalyptolFights plaque
9LemonCleans teeth
10MulethiFreshens breath and sweetens the taste
11PeppermintFreshens breathe

How to use glister paste

One should brush twice daily or after every meal for better results.

Use a paste of peanut size for a single brushing.

If one has a sensitive tooth, it is better to use herbal lister paste for relief.

Once the tube is completed, try to replace it with the same paste as soon as possible as you may not get the same results with other pastes.

Glister toothpaste side effects

I have been using it for a long time and have never seen any side effects.

Also, any substance can show side effects at high doses, and glister can be used in low quantities, unlike other pastes.

So, based on the product quality quantity used, there are no side effects for this paste.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Does glister toothpaste contain fluoride?

Yes, it contains 950 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride.

Does glister toothpaste whiten teeth?

Yes, regular brushing can remove yellow discoloration and cavities, leading to shiny teeth.

Where to buy glister toothpaste

You can buy from Amazon in some countries or directly from Amway’s website or distributors.

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