Dant Kanti Toothpaste Review| A Best Patanjali product

Dant Kanti toothpaste review is written after my recent experience of using it.

I have previously used Amway’s glister toothpaste since 2003. That paste was pretty good in terms of quality and after-feel.

But I felt a need to change it due to non-availability in local stores.

In the search for an equivalent alternative, I came across this Patanjali herbal toothpaste.

This paste was almost 1/3rd the cost of glister toothpaste. On first use, I sensed a strange freshness feel in the mouth.

Even the teeth seemed to be polished and free of dirt.

The breath was pleasant and maybe one may not need mouth freshers at least up to 6 to 8 hours after brushing. I personally do not need a fresher as I do not have a problem with gums. So you can try it if this dant Kanti toothpaste appeals to you.

Dant Kanti toothpaste ingredients

 Dant Kanti Toothpaste Review

The paste by taste and feel in the mouth seems to have many herbs and even activated charcoal. On seeing the pasted label, it shows the following ingredients.

  1. Anacyclus pyrethrum     (Spanish chamomile)
  2. Azadirachta indica            (Neem)  (Also present in itone eye drops).
  3. Acacia arabica          (Acacia gum)
  4. Xanthoxylum Altum   (Tejpal, Tumburu) Also called the toothache tree.
  5. Mentha spicata             (spearmint)
  6. Syzgium aromaticum   (Clove)
  7. Piper sylvaticum           (pepper)
  8. Barleria prionitis           (porcupine flower) 
  9. Mimusops elengi           (Spanish cherry)
  10. Embelia ribes                (False Black Pepper)
  11. Curcuma longa              (Turmeric)
  12. Salvadora persica          (Meswak) Recommended by WHO for oral hygiene.
  13. Quercus infectoria.       (Tannins)

Ingredients 1, and 4 are toothache relieving herbs.

So those with toothache will find immediate relief by using it. Ingredient 8 heal cracks or wounds and the one at number 9 acts as an astringent to heal ulcers or cuts.

Probiotics for your health teeth

Acacia arabica is a gum-like substance and also acts to contain moisture. This ingredient helps to detach any debris attached to teeth or other cavities.

Azadirachta is a neem that has powerful anti-microbial properties.

Hence any germs can be killed by it o keep the mouth fresh and avoid bad breath.

Mentha spicata is peppermint, so it adds to fragrance and fresh breath. Pepper, turmeric, meswak are all again antimicrobial.

Clove is a natural dental analgesic. Tannins act to heal ulcers and stop bleeding.

This whole ingredient in this Patanjali dant Kanti seems to revolve around tooth care.

Besides, there is calcium carbonate, which might contribute to the cleansing and polishing of the teeth.

The paste also has 924 PPM (parts per million) of fluoride, which prevents dental caries.

The ingredient used in the paste is quite expensive in the markets.

So using them might indicate the high price of the toothpaste.

But interestingly, one can get this paste of 100gm for just $5 (due to taxation changes). Even you can buy dant Kanti toothpaste online at Amazon.

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  1. I have been using patanjali dant kanti toothpastes for years and have found the products excellent and value for money.
    The Advance formula is very refreshing although it is a bit more expensive than the original one.


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