Coriander benefits from its Leaves, Powder and Oil

Coriander is an annual herb with significant medicinal properties. Scientifically it is called as coriandrum sativum.

Its leaves, seeds and essential oil are widely used for health benefits.

Uses of Coriander essential oil

The coriander oil is used for its effect on

Digestion: Its digestive role is due to its effect like carminative, Antispasmodic, digestive and stomachic.

By its carminative effect, it relieves gas in the gut. It helps in expulsion of gas from the stomach by belching and keep away chances of acidity.

coriander essential oilIt also stimulates digestion and normalizes the digestive function. Further, it can remove cramps in the gut.

It is also used as infusion to relieve flatulence

Sexual function: It acts as aphrodisiac and helps to arouse sexual desire in both men and women.

Lipolytic agent: The essential oil from coriander helps to decompose fats.

As fungicide and bactericide: The essential oil is also believed to destroy fungus and bacteria. This indicates it potential antimicrobial property.

As analgesic: It helps to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pain. It can be applied as ointment on the skin for relief.

As anti spasmodic, it helps to relieve muscle cramps and associated pain.

It is also useful to relieve the cold and toxic waste from the body.

Coriander essential oil is beneficial for nervous weakness, mental strain and also migraine head ache.

This essential oil is used in food, perfume and pharmaceutical industry too.

Side effects: Coriander oil when used in over doses is said to cause brain disorder and even unconsciousness.

Coriander leaves benefits: Coriander leaf is used as a regular condiment in the food preparation.

coriander essential oil in leaves and seedsIt is used to impart pleasant odor and taste to the food preparation. Since, it is a small green leaf, it is also easily boiled while cooking and digested when consumed.

Coriander seeds powder: The seeds of coriander can be broken into 4 equal parts. First they are break down into two equal halves and then again into two more.

These seeds are crushed into fine power to act as spice to the food preparation.

Mostly added to foods like curries and meat preparations.

When added to the food, they act as carminative, stomachic and also digestive.

But excess use on regular basis is not healthy.

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