6 Important Clove Benefits for Health

clove benefits

Clove is an unripe and dried flower bud of the plant Eugenia caryophyllus.

It is brownish or dark brownish in color and is widely found in the kitchen as a condiment.

Clove buds procured directly from the plant possesses a high aromatic scent and pungent yet agreeable taste.

It is one of the natural herbal remedies and medicinal plants used for ages and also as a condiment in foods.

It is pretty expensive, and those less expensive ones available from the market are exhausted or adulterated (i.e., they have been deprived of their aromatic oils to a large extent).

 Major uses of Clove

1. Mouth or Oral deodorant

Chewing a clove bud after meals or when required removes and foul odor from the mouth and gives a pleasant aroma.

Hence it is a natural oral deodorant. It can be used instead of synthetic and expensive mouth deodorant in times of need.

Further, its antiseptic nature kills any germs in the mouth after meals. This helps clean the mouth.

So it is one of the condiments recommended to be chewed after a meal.

2. Dental analgesic

In case of a severe toothache, chewing a clove or putting one near the tooth with pain is advised as a measure to reduce pain.

This is due to its action on nerves limiting the pain conduction and killing any pain-causing microbes there.

3. Antiseptic

Clove oil is one of the good antiseptics.

It can relieve a sore throat, cough, mouth ulcers, and headaches.

4. Carminative

Any gaseous accumulation during meals can be relieved by the consumption of clove as it helps remove accumulated gas by belching.

Perhaps this action is due to its stimulating effect on the gut walls.

5. Stimulant

Clove oil is a natural stimulant. Pure clove oil is so harsh that nerves may be unable to tolerate the stress induced by the irritation effect of clove oil on them.

Hence if consumed, it makes one alert or less sedative due to the stimulating effect on the tongue or the buccal cavity.

6. Expectorant

It has stimulating and irritating effects on the mucous layer and can also help in phlegm expulsion (expectorant) from the respiratory tract.

7. Male fertility

A scientific study of clove on male fertility showed that at lower doses, it enhanced fertility, while at higher doses, it caused adverse effects.

Clove oil

Clove’s benefits are due to its essential oil. This oil is called Eugenol and has a high percentage of phenol and other constituents.

The presence of phenol may be responsible for its antiseptic, anti-irritant properties.

Hence, it is suitable in case of sore throat, nasal inflammation due to cold, etc.

Due to properties like antiseptic and aromatic odor, clove oil is used in toothpaste preparations, mouthwashes, gargles, soaps, etc.

It is also used in some medical preparations to mask other drugs’ bitter taste or pungent odors. Oil c n be used in perfumes even.

Clove oil benefits are also promising in the mitigation of stress and also inflammatory bowel disorders.

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