Arjuna Herbal Medicine for High Blood Pressure and Heart-A Review

Arjuna tablets are made from the bark extract of Terminalia Arjuna. As per scientific claims, it has beneficial effects on the heartbeat, circulation, and blood pressure.

I wanted to try this medicine for my mother, who has slight hypertension, around 150/90 Hg of blood pressure. She was on anti-hypertensive drugs for three years as prescribed by a physician.

She was put on drugs like the β-blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, and finally calcium channel blockers (CCB), namely amlodipine and then Cilnidipine citrate.

She was on CCBs for quite a long time, like two and a half years. She was already 75+ and using these medicines for a long time made her gain weight and become lethargic.

Arjuna Herbal Medicine for high blood pressure and heart

She was complaining about it. So I had to think of other alternatives. Then I was searching for some herbal remedies and came across Arjuna extract. This Arjuna is said to be potent herbal medicine for high blood pressure and cardiac problems.

Since my mother was also gushing at times despite CCB medicine, I thought of giving it a try. I consulted a physician and called up the customer care of Himalaya, one of the prominent vendors for Arjuna tablets.

After gaining their confidence, I helped my mother take the tablets of Himalaya.

Arjuna bark medicine review

Arjuna himalaya tablet review

She started taking one tablet of Arjuna twice a day. One in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, and then one in the evening, half an hour before supper. Each tablet has 250mg of Arjuna dried bark extract. The following changes were seen.

  1. A decrease in Hypertension: I monitored my mother’s blood pressure for a few weeks before she was kept on Arjuna tablets. The blood pressure ranges were normal. I did random checks of blood pressure and they were within 120 to 140mmHg for systolic and around 70 to 80 mm Hg for diastolic.
  2. Heart rate: The heart rate was inconsistent. Sometimes it was around 72 and other times, near 78 beats per minute on regular checks. But when put on the Arjuna tablet, the pulse rate remained almost consistent within the range of 72 to 74.
  3. Body swelling: My mother had swollen legs (pedal edema) after taking amlodipine for 6 months. Then on the advice of a physician, we changed to Cilnidipine citrate, another CCB. It is said to have no chances for pedal edema. Still, she felt overall; her body has swollen, an indication of water accumulation in the body. Due to this, she felt heavy and was unable to move, stand or walk with ease. On taking Arjuna tablets, she felt better in one week. Her swellings gradually began to subside. Her feet, which were swollen, began to shrink to normal, and she was more active and enthusiastic than before.
  4. Breathlessness (gushing): She was not completely free from gushing with other anti-hypertensive drugs. This used to be seen even after slight exertion, like standing and moving away from the chair, walking, etc. But with this herbal medicine, she began to feel better. And I did not notice any signs of gushing.
  5. Better sleep: Another characteristic thing I noticed was, that my mother was getting awake and unable to sleep after midnight with previous medicine. But with this Arjuna, she started sleeping well overnight. Also, she had intense naps even during the day. This aspect of medicine helped her get rid of mental stress.

Experience of my Uncle with Arjuna tablets

My father-in-law has been suffering from emphysema or maybe COPD. He has been complaining of breathlessness for a long time despite taking β2 agonists, and steroids to help him breathe easier.

But, I suggested Arjuna after consulting a physician. I felt due to persistent breathing insufficiency of his lungs; his heart might be having a problem with circulation. Also, he started to develop swelling in his thighs. So, I thought Arjuna would be of benefit to him. He, too, reported having felt relieved of breathlessness.

Also, he used to suffer from insomnia and was taking sleeping pills to aid in sleep. But on using Arjuna tablets, he too started to have a night of better sleep, and sometimes he got short naps even during the day. So, overall it relieved him of mental strain and assisted in having better breath.

With my sister

My elder sister had intermittent right-hand pain, especially in the palm and below the elbow. She was also taking medicine for hypothyroidism. On consulting a few doctors regarding the pain, they suggested she undergo surgery to remove any blockage in the arteries of the hand.

I was apprehensive about it as I was unsure how surgery could cure her without further complications.

So, based on her lifestyle and food habits, I was doubtful if she had an inadequate blood supply due to a weak pulse.

I gave a bottle of arjuna tablets with the advice to take one a day. If she had no complications, I asked her to take two in the day.

After a week, she had complete relief from hand pain, and she gradually stopped taking medicine except when the pain returned, which was rare.

My suggestion to you

Please contact the seller of the preparation. In my case, it was Himalaya customer care. If they recommend it, then you can go for it.

  • Also, consult your physician before deciding to use the tablets.

Then use the tablets as per the recommendation with regular blood pressure monitoring using a digital manometer.

Also, use lacuna (a garlic extract) for better results. It is good to manage lipid profile and help the heart and blood pressure.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

How long does it take for arjuna to work

Arjuna tablets work almost instantly, like a few hours after administration.

How much arjuna should I take daily?

If it is tablets, try to take one tablet and see how it works on your body. If it has no untoward reactions, you can take one tablet a day or two tablets in a day.

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