12 Tips on How To Get Rid of Stuffy Nose Naturally

During winters stuffy nose and running nose is a common problem to many.

This makes one feel inconvenient as the breath is insufficient and there by enhance stress.

In people with other disorder like heart problems, lung infection, diabetes this problem will add up to the suffering. For them it is important to get rid of stuffy nose fast to avoid complications.

So one has to take care to keep nose free of stuffiness and also avoid corrhiza (running nose).
Going to a physician is recommended. But if you like to get rid of stuffy nose without drugs here are the ways to follow.

How to get rid of stuffy nose

1. Use socks: Cover the lower part of the legs to get rid of stuffy nose fast. Try to cover the feet with socks all the day even during night at sleep. This will really provide a great relief.

Do not wear warmer clothes on the top and lighter clothes on bottom. Try to use more warm clothes to the bottom and balance.How To Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

The phenomenon here might be to keep nose and upper body warm with blood flow. Blood tries to maintain body temperature uniform through out. So if limbs are cold blood flows there leaving the nose and respiratory tract on the top less warmth. If limbs are kept warm, blood has to keep more warmth on the top and there by avoid cold and stuffy nose.

2. Drink warm water: If the weather is cold and have cough besides stuffy nose, have hot water. The water should be boiled and allwoed to cool to certain degree and drunk. Drinking warm water instantaneously provides relief to the problem of sore throat, cough and blocked nose.

3. Avoid curd (yogurt) and other fermented foods. They add up to the running nose and stuffiness. This may be due to microbes in them. It also enhances the possibility of catching cold. Also if you already have cold and even stuffy nose, try stop having curd and you will the relief.

4. On Bed: Sleep in such a way that legs are away from windows or air entry points in the room. Also ensure to cover up legs with a thick blanket. Do not leave the legs open while cover the body above.

5. You can use room heater in case of severe cold or low temperatures. But while doing so consume good amounts of water. This helps keep you hydrated or else you will feel dehydrated and add up to stuffiness.

6. Keep the room and surrounding dust free. Any amount of dust particles will enhance the allergy in the nasal tract causing stuffiness.

7. You may also use essential oils like eucalyptus or mentha preparation to keep your nose free from stuffiness.

8. Doctors may recommend drugs like oxotremorine which act on alpha receptors in the nose. These are recommended in old age people than in youngsters. Because on the long run it may have side effects.

9. Empty nostrils: When there is coryzha (running nose) or catarrh (nasal secretion) better sneeze out to keep the nose clear instead of inhaling back. This really keeps the nostril clear and free from blockage to breathe.

10. Have diet at regular intervals. Prefer to have vegetarian foods, milk, eggs. Try avoiding non-veg and oily foods. Non-veg food though pertinacious, can trigger infections. Oily foods make the nasal tract susceptible to cold and inflammation. Also prefer freshly prepared food and preferably warm. Avoid refrigerated foods and cold beverages.

11. Use mask: When going out use mask to the nose. This will prevent any dust and pollens from getting in. If one is having respiratory insufficiency, they might feel difficult to breath with mask. In such case they have to rely on single layered cloth like a handkerchief.

12. Have a bath with tap water instead of hot water or cold water. This enhances body to be resistant to colds. If you bath with hot water, it feels comfortable but it offer benefit only for short term. But hot water bath has advantage that it removes lethargy and body pains if any.

All the above methods on how to get rid of stuffy nose can be done at home or in an easy & quick manner

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