Which Fruit is Good for Health | Different Fruits and their benefits

Having a fruit regularly is a good habit for both physical and mental health.

Some are good anti-oxidants, few are good source of iron while others are just.

But all fruits are consumable as they natural and their inner constituents are intact as they are not cooked.

Yet not all the fruits are compatible to everyone and also they differ in their benefits they provide to the body.

Eating a fruit daily is recommended, but all fruits are available in all the seasons.

So one need to make choices on the fruits to eat based on season, compatibility and availability.

Apple: Many prefer to eat apple due to its pleasant taste, smoothness on stomach.

It also cleanses the teeth and buccal cavity if taken after meals.

It is neither acidic nor too fibrous making it a fruit with no side effects.

Hence it is the only fruit which is compatible to everyone even if taken daily.

It has element iron and other essential nutrients.

It is good to build up hemoglobin in cases of anemia.

So it is recommended for patients suffering from chronic illness.

But it is expensive and not easily available at all the places and seasons.

Banana. It provides calories, as it is has easily digestible carbohydrates. Hence it is used by tennis and other players for slow and constant release of energy without bloating the stomach during play.

It has good amount of fiber so it helps in the clearance of digestive tract and movement of bowels. So you can notice that in times of mild constipation having a banana relieves it immediately.

Further having a fibrous fruit after meal can help prevent absorption of extra cholesterol and sugars into blood from intestine.

Less expensive. Very sterile and safe due to its natural cover. Easy availability.

Orange: These are fruits under citrus (lemon) category. They are good anti-oxidants due to presence of vitamin C. Their juice is good for immediate energy in times of tiredness. Due to presence of citric acid they are also acidic.

So people who are prone to acidity frequently or those with inflammatory bowel disorders should avoid drinking orange juice to prevent acidity.

Due to its varying tastes like sweet, salty and sour it is not liked by everyone to consumes on daily basis.

For people with kidney stones they are a great benefit. Stones are mostly calcium stones so eating oranges dissolves the stones.

The acid in the fruit melts the basic calcium in the stones to enhance easy dissolution.

Grapes: It is also a citrus fruits. But unlike oranges they are less acidic.

So they are consumable by all without acidity or allergies. Similar to orange these also possess vitamin-C especially the green grapes.

Mangoes: The “king of fruits” is a very delicious and attractive fruit available only in summer season. The fruit is compatible to all. But due to its excess fibrous nature can cause loose motion if taken daily.

On the other hand, it said to be causing heat. So in places where there are chances of sunstroke one may avoid eating them. If not they need to eat them less frequently.

Watermelon: A fruit with more than 75% water in it is good to sooth the stomach and gives coolness in heat summers. It is compatible to all. Naturally available only in summers but there are hybrid varieties available even in rainy season.

There are several other fruits but are not available or preferred in all the regions. So this article covers only fruits available in most regions.

Interestingly fruits are grown seasonally wise by nature. For ex: Watermelon grown in summer is good to provide coolness in the heat summers.

So experts advice to eat seasonal fruits as much as possible and also those eat fruits which are compatible on daily basis.

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