4 Weight loss exercises: The best exercises to lose weight

Exercises are in general suggested for healthy living. But for weight loss, exercises are important workouts to lose weight. We see many people getting obese as they grow in age. In contrast, very few of them are obese since childhood.

What is obesity

A person is obese if his body weight is more than 25% of the ideal body weight.

This obesity is sometimes genetic, as seen in a few people from childhood. While for others, it develops due to food and lifestyle habits.

What are the causes of obesity?

The main reasons attributed to body weight gain.

♠ Stress due to which the physiology is derailed and leads to abnormal weight.

♠ Sedentary lifestyle due to jobs and less time for physical games and sports.

♠ Accumulation of fat in the body due to a sedentary lifestyle or less physical activity etc.

♠ Less burn out of consumed calories from food that gets stored in the body as fats.

♠ Decrease in physiological and physical growth after 28 years. Physical growth is essential to control weight gain in people who are not obese since childhood.

♠ The genetic influence is activated since childhood or after certain adulthood.

Exercise, along with other treatment options, greatly helps one lose weight over time.

Weight loss exercise or workouts help to lose weight in the above patients due to

1.  They burn out excess calories in the body and minimize the conversion of calories into fat.

2. They break down the accumulated fat in the body to reduce weight.

weight loss exercise
Overweight Man Resting on Exercise Ball

3. They also help raise the circulatory rate and maintain proper vascularity in tissues to help in easy mobilization of fat and their removal from the body.

4. In obese patients, the tissue is loose mostly and has associated problems like skin diseases in the corner of body folds. Exercises help in the stiffening of tissues and reduce folds.

Ideal exercises to lose weight

The exercises meant to lose weight should be

♦ Easily practicable by the obese person. Exercises that are not easy to practice makes the person avoid and escape from exercises.

♦ The exercises should also help in excess burn out of calories with minimum effort and time. Because one may not have sufficient time daily for exercises.

♦ Exercises prescribed to the patient should preferably be those which he likes. For example some like walking in the sunrise while others like swimming at the same time.

Prescribing based on their interests ensures they follow the routine perfectly until the weight loss goal is achieved.

♦ Other health factors of the patient are also be kept in mind before prescribing some weight loss exercise to the obese. Better don’t prescribe swimming for lung insufficiency patients.

Weight loss exercises

Some of the best exercises can be yoga, jogging, walking, swimming, and even gym for tightening muscles.

Yoga: Yoga is a wholesome exercise for both the mind and body. The mind is the one that regulates physiology to a large extent. Yoga helps keep the mind under control and relieves stress, and keeps the body under control.

So if the mind fine-tunes the physiology, then natural body weight is retained; any excess body weight is lost naturally. Practicing yoga regularly helps to have a balanced diet, and one will have good self-control on their food habits.

Jogging: Many prefer it because it is handy, inexpensive, and can be down outdoors and indoors (treadmill).   Jogging produces a good amount of physical agitation in the entire body and helps burn out a high level of calories due to rapid respiration and muscle activity. But this may be strenuous to very obese candidates and for old age people.

Walking: This is also a friendly exercise suitable for all age groups. It is even an inexpensive method and a highly recommended health substitute.

Walking helps to regulate heart function, blood pressure, and circulation. Those who work a lot before a computer can adapt to walking to the office, shopping, and even daily habits.

Even older people can practice walking by using a walking aid or stick as support.

Swimming: This is the exercise of the highest degree and is a great workout. It is less strenuous on the individual body portions but a great exercise for the whole body.

Swimming helps to burn out a lot of calories and is also a mind refresher compared to other exercises.

This is a bit expensive and not easily accessible always. This even requires prior training if one doesn’t know how to swim. It is also not recommendable for old age people and those with lung insufficiency.

Gym: This is a good workout that burns out a lot of calories. But this is expensive and requires expert advice to practice. This is especially suitable for youngsters and adults but not easy to practice for middle-aged and older people.

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