25 Uses of Tulsi | Benefits of Its Leaves, Roots & Seeds

Tulsi plant is an annual herb that lives for a span of one year. It grows to a short height. The botanical name of this medicinal plants is Ocimum sanctum.

It is worshiped as a holy plant and kept in many households and gardens. This plant is also called as Basil.

Uses of tulsi

It is a part of alternative medicine and can be found in many Ayurveda preparations.

The parts of tulsi that are medicinally useful include the leaves, flowers, seeds, stems and dried roots.

Uses of Tulsi

Below is the list of benefits of tulsi plant based on different parts of the plant. Of course still, the list is not exhaustive.

Medicinal uses of Tulsi leaves

♣ The leaves act as decongestant. This action helps to relieve nasal stuffiness.

♣ As nerve tonic it soothes nerves and relives tension.

♣ Tulsi is an adaptogen, i.e., consumption of Tulsi is known to boost immunity and helps tolerate stress.

♣ Even acts as a memory sharpener. Eating tulsi leaves daily can enhance ones memory.

Tulsi tea or decoction is used to prevent malaria, dengue fever. It is also used for the common cold.

♣ In acute fevers, the temperature is lowered by the administration of decoction of leaves.

♣ The aqueous extract, i.e., tulsi leaf juice is used as a gargle to treat a sore throat.

♣ It is also believed that the aqueous extract of leaves taken with honey for six months can expel kidney stones.

♣ It lowers cholesterol and hence it is cardioprotective.

Uses of Basil

♣ In respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, cold, influenza tulsi leaf extract is very beneficial. See Bresol syrup which helps you to get over sore throat, respiratory infections, including accumulation of phlegm.

♣ Leaves, when chewed, relieve mouth ulcers and infections.

♣ Leaf extract is sufficient to treat skin disorders like ringworm etc.

♣ Dried leaf powder is used for brushing the teeth. In the preparation of toothpaste for dental health.

♣ Extract of black tulsi leaves is used to treat sore eyes and night-blindness.

♣ Stomachic to promote hunger or appetite.

♣ As an expectorant to help remove phlegm from bronchi and also to treat bronchitis

♣ In relieving coughs due to any irritants.

♣ For relief from diarrhea

♣ In the case of an epidemic, as prophylaxis (to prevent) against influenza, cholera, and malaria

Uses of Tulsi seeds

 The solution of tulsi plant seeds with milk or water is a

♠ Good anti-oxidant,

♠ Mucilaginous,

Uses of basil-Tea

♠ Demulcent

♣ It also possesses anti-ulcer, antiemetic, anti-diarrheal properties.

Uses of Tulsi root:

Dried tulsi root powder mixed with milk or ghee etc. is good

a)  For malaria fever

b) To relieve insect pain and sting bites.

c) Fresh roots are made into a paste and applied to areas where leeches or insects bite.

Uses of tulsi stem:

This is a bit funny application I heard from people. But is widely believed.

When one applies the powder of dried tulsi stem on the forehead as a tilak. It helps to gain the attention of listeners during a speech.

In general, it is consumed in daily life as tulsi green tea, seeds as a condiment in foods, tulsi leaves after prayer as holiness.

Tulsi tablets and capsules:

Aerial plant extract of tulsi is used to reduce the blood pressure. It is also used to manage respiratory disorders like.

  1. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder),
  2. Asthma
  3. Bronchitis and seasonal cold.

It helps to dilate the respiratory tract, mobilize the mucous secretions, minimize allergy and cough. Thus it helps to relieve chest congestion, facilitate better breath and recover from respiratory disease.

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  1. i like Basil so much because of its medicinal power, smell and i used to drink basil tea twice a day since a decade. besides this i use a cup of fresh basil leaves juice daily morning before breakfast. really its works very good. at the age of 50 i look like 30 and never been visit a doctor since a decade.

  2. I originally started basil treatments for the reason of blocking cortisol to reduce belly fat. IT WORKED. Since then i have either drank it in tea infusions, or ground it and taking it in capsule form. I suffer from severe panic disorder as well as liver issues, and low T. All i can say is this plant was put here for so many reasons. Since taking it regularly ALL of the issues i listed have improved…a lot! I now grow my own as well as sell it. It smells and tastes great. If you are looking for a fresh reasonably priced source let me know. Bryan.

  3. I was recommended basil stem to help with bleeding from
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  5. Thanks for this, informative article.. Its really helpful in our daily routine actually if apply it. Holy basil produce actual electromagnetic waves which maintains environments in peace.


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