Importance of Good Health | In Life & Workplace

Many of us might suffer from health problems in some course of our lives.

But in children and teenagers, few might never suffer from any health problem since childhood till they are aged.

They are lucky to have stayed so and hence they may feel surprised to see others with health disturbances.

Even more, they may not be careful of their health, neglecting all the while and even habituate some habits like smoking, drinking, etc., with a thought that they will stay healthy always.

But the damage they cause to themselves will surely be seen after a certain age and there will be minimum chances to correct them. So for those and all of us, it is better to have some idea of the importance of health in daily life.

What’s the importance of good health in our daily life

the importance of health

There is a saying thatA sound mind in a sound body.This one phrase can give us an idea of how value is healthy.

Many of us have dreams and goals in our lives to achieve this and that over a period of time.

So not having proper health can

♠ Delay our progress, our goals, or any other target we fix to complete some work.

♠ Sometimes, we may even never achieve them as some goals are time and age bound.

♠ Improper health can disturb the family peace and life as others will stay worried about our health.

♠ There are many chances that a disease or disorder will keep repeating in the same form or other in due course of life. So again and again in a while, you may face the disturbance.

♠ Some health problems like COPD, High Blood pressure, AIDS will never end with treatment until they meet the patient’s death. So having such health problems can deteriorate life faster and also during the stay with them, the lifestyle is also not proper to do our regular work properly.

♠ Health deterioration will also cost a lot. It can sometimes loot your bank balances, or you may need to take loans from banks to correct the health problems.

♠ Health also maintains the proper shape of the body and gives beauty and a handsome look. We might have seen many around us struggling and spending many bucks for facial makeup, body complexion, etc. Good health imparts all these naturally. If you suffer from health issues, there are many instances where a person’s body was deformed. Like skin imperfection, hair loss (i.e., immature baldness), etc.

So all these problems imply “prevention is better than cure,” so let us understand the importance of health and try to safeguard it from an early age.

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