Protein Facts: Role of Protein Supplements in Health

Protein constitutes large proportion of the solid mass in the body.

After water they form the second largest portions in the cell & tissue mass.

They are required in the formation of all the cells, tissues and for building of body.

Hence, they are termed as building blocks of the life.

In a typical cell, proteins are formed from amino acids and peptides by translation mechanism at nucleus.

Many of us know that proteins as important nutrients or supplements for body building but, to have a better view of them let’s get the overall possible protein facts.

Basics of protein:

Chemistry of proteins; They are made of element carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen. The smallest unit are amino acids which join together to form peptides, poly peptides and then make up proteins. They are water-soluble and easily degraded by temperature, acids, heat and other  chemicals.

When proteins are formed the following sequence occurs.

Amino-acids→Peptides→Poly-peptide →Proteins.

So when we directly consume a protein from food or supplements, they are broken down into simple units i.e amino-acids and absorbed into blood and from there into cells. In the cell, these amino-acids are utilized to form the desired protein by above sequence.

Hence both  i.e. breakdown of protein from supplements or nutrition in the stomach to amino-acids and there by absorption into body should be effective.

Protein Facts in Health:

1.Protein rich diet enhances healing of wounds and cuts  due to injury, surgery, fractures etc.protein facts

2. In times of infectious diseases foods rich in protein are to be consumed along  with suitable medication for faster recovery and effective cure.

3. Proteins constitute immune components like anti-bodies and antigens. Hence consumption of sufficient protein boosts your immunity enhances the disease resistance capacity.

4. Protein rich foods or nutrition helps put on body mass when combined with gym and other physical exercise.

5. Proteins unlike carbohydrates and fats are not stored in the body and are excreted on daily basis in the urine as urea and uric acid and also ammonia. So, they are to be replenished on regular basis through diet.

6.Protein are components of some enzymes and hormones which regulate bodies vital functions like  metabolism, reproduction, growth etc.

7. Proteins in excess i.e if undigested and accumulated in the body can lead to toxicity.

Protein facts about supplementation:

The proteins we consume doesn’t directly add up to the body tissues and cells. They are first digested to amino acids and absorbed into blood. From there these amino acids are used up to build proteins by individual cells and tissues.

Protein source: Protein absorption by the body is higher through organic and natural sources than artificial sources.

Of the natural sources the supplements from plant and vegetative source are better than meat and other non-vegetable sources due to better absorption and low-fat content.

The individual absorption and assimilation of these amino acids and proteins vary on some factors. These factors include age, physical activity, constitutional nature of your body, disease condition like gut inconsistencies, tuberculosis and other disease condition etc.

Age: With growth of age say in old age people, there are chances of indigestion or Mal-absorption leading to improper protein uptake by the body.

Physical activity: Increased physical activity by exercise, gym, work outs lead to enhanced protein uptake by the body. This is an important protein fact because of which there are floods of protein supplements in the market and also equivalent fitness enthusiasts willing to spend on them.This is due to many factors like increased appetite, increased blood flow to the gut there by increased nutritional absorption from intestine and also enhanced supply of these absorbed amino acids to the required tissue.

Constitutional nature of your body: Some consume less quantity of food but they seem to be well built or even obese and on the other hand some stay lean in-spite of heavy food consumption. This is a genetic factor and lean people have a tendency to absorb less protein from their diet than well-built guys.  But this tendency can be over come by planned and regulated diet and strenuous work outs like gym.

Disease conditions: In time of infectious diseases or infestation by worm in the alimentary tract, there is a tendency for lesser absorption of nutrients, lack of appetite, low digestive capacity etc.  So person drastically loses body mass in times of infection or infestation.

Even protein utilization in the body after absorption from gut influences the body size.  That is why we see variations like lean people, well-built and also obese people.

Based on these protein facts, it seems proper to select the best protein supplement as the condition demands. One may not be able to digest soy protein powder in times of old age due to decreased digestive condition for them simple milk and egg can suit their body protein needs. But the same milk protein may not be able to supply protein required for a well-built body builder. In that case soy protein and other options serve well.

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