How to relieve stress naturally | 8 Best Tips to Reduce It

Stress is an everyday evil taking toll on human’s health.

It is the main cause of physical and mental disorders in the current world.

In the name of development humans have habituated to taking up many types of stress.

Some of them or felt by us while some of them are not even felt.

This is a silent killer of both life span and health.

But in the present society and lifestyle one cannot stay away from getting stressed.

So the only option is to get relieved of stress that too naturally.

Human health and life span can be greatly enhanced by decrease in stress. So one has to make efforts to relieve stress.

Tips on how to relieve stress naturally

Stick to nature schedule: Sleep in early hours of night like 8 pm or max 9 pm and wake early like 4 pm or max 5 pm. When one sticks to natures time clock, the body clock (circadian rhythm) sets to normal and all the body processes are regularized to normality. Then there is intense relief from stress and after effects.How to relieve stress naturally

Eat healthy and at right time: Having sufficient diet is prerequisite for minimization of stress. Eating beats stress in many instances and one gets instant relief. But, there is one more habit called binge eating where people tend to eat more out of stress. In general under stress people do not like to have food. But having soft, pleasant foods rich in protein will minimize stress and also gives strength to counter it. Avoid foods which are irritants to your gut and body.

Go for nature calls without delay: When ever you have an urge for urinals or clearing of bowels, it is good to go for immediately than holding for hours together. This is not only a stress relief but also a good health benefit. Staying so by holding is stress on both body and mind.

Have water when there is thirst: Do not postpone to satisfy the urge. Water relieves the body heat and also expels the toxins in the body by diluting and excreting them. So under stress having water gives good amount of relief. It also soothes the gut and gives a sense of relief.

Use natural exercises: Like a long walk, swimming, deep breathing, mediation instead of agitating exercises. Stress affects the muscles making them non responsive and sometimes paralyzed effects are also seen.

This may be because due to stress there is improper blood supply and oxygen to muscles. They become tender and weak on the long run. So it is good to have some exercise to keep muscles strong and healthy if one is experiencing stress on daily basis.

Exercises relieve muscles out of stress by enhancing their tone and flexibility which is lost due to stress. Due to exercises the muscles become stronger and stress capable.

Have a fruit daily: Many recommend apple but i recommend banana as it keeps your gut clean, relieves constipation and  also is easy for digestion. Further it produces glucose a energy source in sustained release manner for prolonged time. For stress banana might do better with above said benefits like effect on gut and production of energy (glucose).

Use clean water for better health. Though it is expensive, it pay on the long run. bad water damages the gut, and other body organs. If one drinks heavy water, then there will be gastric irritation causing acidity and since stress affects stomach to a large extent, acidity will be enhanced by having heavy water. So it is better to drink mineral water or purified water for the purpose.

Be natural: Avoid all sort of artificial activities for body urge. Get married at right time. it is better not to delay. Sexual life also relieves stress to a great extent.

Similarly avoid unnatural means of sex, sleep, work etc. it is also important to change into loose clothing at home and rest. Have  bath on regular basis because being fresh also keep you off stress.

Good relations: Maintain friendly relations with your co-worker and neighbors. This will give you peace of mind and a great stress relief. Unnecessary cold wars in office or family or neighbor hood creates mental conflicts. So try to avoid them and overcome in case. It is found that many people with unfriendly relations are prone to heart attacks due to stress.

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