How Does Technology Affect our Health | Both Negatively & Positively

Technology is a man’s own created pet. We have more comforts and convenience due to technology than before.

We consider to be more happier and luxurious than before.

It might be impossible to lead a life without use of technology now.

Technology has improved in all fronts including medicine and health.

Yet technology has brought up its own set of problems to man and we have more diseases now than before.

The way technology has affected man is by exposing him to more pollution of all sort. By making him lead physically less active life.

Besides it has made him less patient and prefer packed foods.

Also we are in a situation where in we cannot escape or live in a world of non-technology.

How Does Technology Affect our Health

Due to technology we are more lazy, less interested in physical works and exercise. Even if we do exercises, we it in technical way like  by use of tread mill etc.How Does Technology Affect our Health

So by use of technology we are getting away from nature and also keeping our body from being natural.

When the body in not natural we tend to suffer from diseases and also we are more prone to disorders of organ systems.

Almost all the technological improvements have lead diseases life style in some way or other.

Lets see the technology and health issues below.

Television:This is a entertainment box for many. People started staying more of indoors with the increase in television. During times of no television, the ways of entertainment to people was mutual gatherings, going for a walk or visiting neighbors etc. But with rise in use of TV, the need is gone. Sitting at home we can spend hours and even days without going out.

But watching TV is found to increase the risk of

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Heart problems
  3. Blood vessel disorders.

Watching TV rises risk of Type-II diabetes. This is due to sedentary life one adopts in watching it. On an average, most Americans spend watching it for 3.5 hours per day.

While one watch television, the only body which is quite active is brain as it needs to interpret the voice, meaning and understand the show. So brain is highly active while all the other body organs are at rest except those under involuntary control.

It is also said that when we sit, within two minutes, all the muscles in the leg get rest. This while watching television, the muscles are not active and the blood sugar is less utilized.

In our body all the organs and their functions are controlled by brain. When sitting and watching the show, the brain is busy and also set for various information digestion. This lets other organs go for abnormal function leading to their respective disorders.

So this might be the reason for diabetes due to Television

Also due to intense brain activity during emotions and fear scene during show, the chances of heart undergoing changes in pulse rate and force of contraction can be seen.

These unintended and abnormal emotions can put stress on heart health. This sedentary life style can also lead to obesity.

Computer: Due to introduction of computers, the way we work has changed. They were actually intended to minimize human work and time. But interestingly those who work on computer are more busy than others.

Besides many who work on computer seem to suffer from some or other health issue. This is even more in those who work on the internet than on the system.

Interacting on the internet is more problematic to health than working on system. This is quite interesting but is also very true.

Some of the health problems which we encounter due to computers include, neck and back pains, infertility, blood pressure, head ache, obesity etc.

Cell phones: Using cell phones has become drastic than common. We use it almost every second of our lives. Even during sleep, we have it beside.How Does Technology Affect our Health

Cell phone works due to radiations of signals from the towers around. There are many studies which proved that radiation from cell phone are health hazardous. But due to the economical benefits from their use, the governments are not interested to prevent their over exploitation.

Since the rise in use of internet over mobile, many have started staying awake late nights. They tend to disturb their sleep and their health.

Depriving sleep for small fun is common and many tend to be addicted to social sites, dating sites at night.

Even the fun they perceive to be is not real or complete still people spend hours together on the device. This affects the eyes, the body due to sedentary habits and more.

Automobiles: Automobiles are the prime reasons for pollution in major cities. They emit dangerous gases into the air which is breathed by humans around.

Few cities in the world are highly polluted due to this automobiles that some of them tend to shut down use of vehicles or few days.

This air pollution causes sever damage to lungs, digestive tract, heart and even kidneys as all these organs are involved in some or other way.

People have the habit to use motor vehicles even for a short distance walk. They tend to forget that this also damage own health due to lack of physical activity.

So disorders like diabetes, heart, lung problems are more due to  technology advancement and less physical work.

The use of cell phone towers and wifi seems to be even affecting birds and few insects. Due to which their population is drastically down.

Technology is the reason for hyperactivity of mind. So this has lead to mental stress and lack of calmness.

Previously the work was based on physical labor. But now a days the work is mental. One uses his brain a lot compared to the man of previous generation. So in one way we are taxing our brain more than normal. This brain controls all the body systems in the body. If it is over taxed and gets older, than the other organ systems also dysfunction.

How Does Technology Affect our Health Positively

  1. Indicators of health
  2. Diagnosis of disease state
  3. Regular monitoring of health condition.

Indicators of health: Technological gadgets like fitness tracker watches when worn on wrists indicate how much we walked and other physical activities we performed on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This helps us decide if we need more of physical activity.

Diagnosis of disease state: Devices like blood glucose meter are quite popular as they help diagnose the sugar levels in the blood without the need to go for labs or hospitals.

By: David /wikipedia

Even digital BP apparatus helps to check the blood pressure levels automatically without the need for a nurse.

Regular monitoring of health condition: When heart transplants or operations are done, few cases require installation if devices which regulate heart beat. They also warn the patient if they require to see a hospital before hand.

Also there are devices for contraception, drug delivery etc. which make the process of health care easier.

In-spite of positive effects, technology has more negative effects on health.

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