6 Amazing Hot Water Benefits for Health and Body

Hot water benefits our body and health in number of ways. By hot water I mean boiling water or water that is heated to less than boiling point. But not just Luke warm water. In most cases Luke warm water is not that useful.

Some of the major areas include

  1. Combating cold
  2. Treatment of rectal fissures or piles
  3. Minimizing body pains
  4. To relieve inflammation
  5. To combat cough
  6. Gargling.
  7. Cleaning of ears.

Hot Water Benefits

Hot water is useful for treatment of many health problems.

For cold

When you have symptoms of cold, you would be given some anti-histamine tablets besides paracetamol. But, you will find it  a surprise that by inhaling hot water steam drenched with some menthol or eucalyptus extract would give a sense of relief from cold instantly.hot water benefits for cold and cough

This hot water steam gets into your respiratory tract and helps it it dilate and you will be free from congestion and difficulty in breathing.

If you do this twice in a day, in most cases you will over come flu symptoms in just two. For this I also combine bresol tablets to overcome infection.

In cold, the nasal congestion and stuffy nose goes off leaving you comfortable than before. So drink hot water when you suffer from cold.

You can even have hot water bottles to carry to work place. They retain heat for longer times.

Even having hot water bath helps to overcome cold in terms of body pains, head aches etc.

For Piles and fissures

This is really magical remedy. I have seen people take pilex medication but are not aware of sitting in hot water exposing their bums. Sitting so for a period of 10 min. twice in a day will help one overcome the sense of pain due to piles.

Even it leads to quick recovery. Even if you undergo surgery for piles or fistula, still sitting in hot water will help you overcome the intense pain fast.

For body pains and skin.

One can develop body pains due to rigorous exercises or in gym. Sometimes due to physical injury due to falling or hit by something. In such cases, your skin will be bruised and you suffer from intense pain.

You can overcome these body pains with hot water. For this one needs to take boiled water, dip a cloth in it and after squeezing apply the hot cloth on to the painful area. You will notice that pain disappears instantly.

Other way is to heat a cloth on pan and then put the hot cloth over the painful area on the skin. But this is not comfortable as the hot cloth can injure your skin with burns. It also looses heat faster than the cloth dipped in hot water.

To relieve inflammation

Hot water benefits as bath

There are chances that we develop inflammation of whole body due to sever physical work or being beaten up. In such a condition a hot water bath gives immense relief.

To combat cough

If you have cough, drinking hot water relives congestion of nose, throat and lungs. The number of coughs will reduce as the throat is relived of the urge to cough.

If you are working, you can carry hot water to the work place and drink small amount in frequent intervals to relive cold and cough.


hot water gargles

When you have a sore throat, the way to get relief of it is by gargling with hot water. You can even add lemon or salt to this water. Even there are marketed formulations with antiseptic ingredients. But in most cases, hot water gargling is sufficient.

Cleaning of ears.

If you have pain in the ear due to accumulation of wax, then hot water cleaning is done. Initially, you can use some wax loosening liquids as ear drop for few days. Once you will feel the wax is removable, take a hot water wash into the ear.

I would advice take the help of nurse of doctor for this. Rush of hot water into the ear removes the wax in a flush. You will be relived of ear pain once the irritable wax is removed.

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