12 Healthy Living Tips | Habits and Ideas to Consider

Health is a vital aspect of everyone’s life and everyone is subjected to health issues sometime or other in life.

Health is so important to lead a quality and happy, fulfilled life.

One can dream of many goals in life, but these goals require time for achievement.

If health is lost, the time available for growth and development is drastically reduced.

Hence the healthy living tips are followed by the most successful people all over the world.

The human body, in most people at birth, has complete health. But in the course of time, we destroy our health by accident or even deliberately out of negligence.

So taking care of god gifted health is of at most importance. Proverb prevention is better than cure holds good at all times.

Healthy living tips to consider include

Healthy Living Tips


Lifestyle is a very important factor in deciding health.

This means eating, working, relaxing and sleeping habits.

A person who works more stresses himself and a person who never works also stresses himself.

So one needs to balance himself and follow discipline.

Let’s understand the lifestyle that can lead to ill health by some examples:

  1. People who travel (by road) on a regular basis on account of job suffer from gastric ulcer sometime or other. So it is good to find a job requiring less travel. It also helps us avoid pollution by automobiles.
  2. People who smoke heavily burn their lungs and respiratory system. This leads to an inability for proper respiration later. So it is good to quit smoking and even avoid learning it.
  3. People who travel from country to country by flights suffer from jet lack of sickness. This lack of proper rest leads to stress. So get sufficient sleep and suitable food.
  4. Lack of cleanliness. There is a quote that cleanliness is next to god. Those who do not bathe regularly or keep their body clean suffer from skin diseases. Also, one should have clean surroundings for healthy breath and living. Food also should be hygienic.
  5. Sitting before a computer or television for a long time will affect your sight and also body physiology. There was a recent study shows that those who sit before TV are more prone to diabetes than those who do not watch TV. So one needs to walk at short intervals and also habituate yoga practice.
  6. Not drinking sufficient water leads to metabolic stress. Lack of water causes improper metabolism and excretion leading to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Also, there are chances of urinary tract infection or the formation of kidney stones.

Food habits.

A regular and planned diet is better for good and long-term health.

a. Better to eat food from one reliable source than multiple sources.

b. Eating lesser is quite impressive for longer life spans.

c. Eating homemade food and low-fat diets rich in proteins is advisable.

d. Including fruits helps digestive health and mind.

Also, eating at regular times helps one avoid acidity and other stomach-related problems.

Mindset or mental condition. 

Most of the patients in a hospital have diseases caused by a mental condition.

We face many mental stresses like anxiety, depression, fear, etc.

This affects health severely. So one needs to guard their mind against this mood fluctuation and related disorders.

Tips to guard against mental stress: Always try to associate with like-minded people who are optimistic people.

  • Try to share your thoughts with your dear ones.
  • Have time for yourself and your hobbies.
  • Do not react immediately when you are upset.
  • Take time to think and then react.
  • Most of the time, we get into mental turmoil because of misunderstandings.


A person with a good family has better health than those without.

This implies that one needs to have a family to look after.

This solves both emotional and physical related problems.

So it is even important to get married at the right time.

Knowledge and awareness.

Many people get into health complications due to a lack of knowledge. This is seen in issues like sex, pregnancy, etc.

Trying to have knowledge of these issues can save us from unnecessary health issues.

Availability of medical help.

The lack of availability of proper medical help is another contributing factor.

So living in places of good health care is important.

Also, one must opt for health insurance to meet up the expenses of health care.

Factors responsible for human diseases

The factors which can inflict our health can be understood under the following types.

Genetic based

This is a which you are not responsible for. Most genetically acquired diseases or disorders are expressed from birth. But some of them, like diabetes, express themselves after a certain age. So to keep them checked and delay their expression, one needs to minimize stress both mentally and physically. Stress is an important factor that will lead to the expression of disease-related genes. So the more stress you are under, the faster the disease onset.

Due to exposure

Since we live in a modern world. There are chances we expose ourselves to pollutants and disease-causing factors. This includes exposure to sunlight, chemicals, fire, electricity, radiation, etc. This seems to be inevitable, but we must keep ourselves away from such exposure.

For instance, one is prone to sunstroke in hot summers. This can be avoided by drinking sufficient water and using a white cap when you go out into the sun. Also, avoid going out in the mid-noon.

Similarly, exposure to pollutants leads to diseases like cancer, headaches, skin burns, heart problems, sterility, eye problems, etc. So stay away from pollution. Drink pure water and inhale fresh air.

Environmental or climate-related

When the climate changes suddenly, we seem to catch cold may, cold, fever, etc. These seem to be less problematic as they get off in a week or two at max. But the frequent encounter with these problems inflicts our body’s immunity. Also, there is wear and tear on the organs affected, which get weakened over time. So it is good to stay in a better environment for a long.

Negligence on our part

Not drinking water when we are thirsty, not going to the toilet when the urge, and not eating food when hungry are types of negligence towards health.

Delaying the time of the meal or water intake are simple and many of us commit it on a regular basis.

But, these long-term add up to the stress that our body is already facing by every day.


Sudden epidemics like viral fevers, malaria, and typhoid-like disorders are of severe concern. So in such cases, we need to be careful. We can get vaccinated if possible.

Also, keeping away from epidemics is needed to stay away from these infections.

Stress and overload

We tend to stress a lot at work, performance, etc. When the body is subjected to longtime stress, there is acidity, heartburn, etc.

Also, eating much, working overtime, sleeping much, etc., lead to stress.

The body is a natural system, so it tries to be more in touch with nature’s time and schedule. It likes to be active in the daytime and rest at night. So letting it so keeps us healthier for longer.

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