Health and Safety when working with computers | 10 Natural Remedies for All

Working on a computer for long periods has become a daily job for many. The most common problems such a person can encounter include

  1. Eye strain
  2. Headaches
  3. Neck pain
  4. Back pain
  5. Heart palpitations
  6. Acidity
  7. Coccyx pain
  8. The pain in the lower limbs
  9. Constipation
  10. Piles

Even I had a similar experience working for a year just before the computer. I even came across a few health issues lightly. Then on taking a few measures, the heath was regained though I could still work on the computer.

Some of them almost seem to just work before the computer, eat and sleep. This is the lifestyle they adopt due to convenience. But the studies show that such a lifestyle is very harmful to health.

Sitting for just 2 min will bring the muscles in the legs to a complete halt. There will be no movement in the muscles.

Also, we can see that working a lot on the system keeps your mind hyperactive. Besides, there would be redness of eyes (strained), lethargy, and even chances of eye strain. Also, the chances of an effect on heartbeat and blood pressure are seen.

Even a recent study showed that sitting for long can be the cause of diabetes.

So if you are in a work mode where you need to work on a computer for a long, here are optimal health tips.

Health and Safety when Working with Computers

1. Hyper active mind.

The mind gets hyperactive for those who work on the PC a lot.

This is particularly more if you are using the internet. Just working on the computer has a bit of a lower effect.

The hyperactive mind can be problematic as it disturb the brain rythm and control on body organs like the heart.

The brain’s control of the heart can be affected, leading to palpitations, missed beat, etc.

Also, digestion might be affected. So try to slow the mind by meditation, and yoga (pranayama).

Instead you could also the sensate an infrasonic device that can slow down the mind and relieve stress.

These methods will not only slow the mind but also de-stress the whole body, including the brain.

2. Keep your eyes safe

While working on the system, the eyes are the prime organs that are under constant workload. They also need to face the harsh radiation from the screen. This can lead to drying of eyes and also cause redness. In some, it can also lead to headaches like a migraine. So to avoid this, one has to have frequent breaks or diversions from the screen. One of the well-known bloggers says it is good to take a break of 20:20:20.

This means one has to have a break after 20 minutes; stare away from the screen for 20 seconds. This way, the effect on the eyes can below. One doctor advised me to have a break every 45 min for relief. So, any one of the methods can be adopted for eye health. Also, you can use itone eye drops or any moisturizing drop before bed for lubrication.

3. Avoid sitting posture

Health and Safety Sitting at a Computer

You might have heard about standing table or working desk for using your computer. Working by standing helps you keep your body active as the whole body is at work.

Even the mind can be slowed by process and one can be focused on what he or she does.

You will even have little distractions and pressure to complete the task faster. Also, since the legs are at work, the blood flow and glucose utilization are proper. So it is good to have a standing desk to work if you are standing for a long time.

4. Keep your heart and circulation proper. Since the work is a sedentary one, it is good to have some active movement. Movement keeps the heart and blood circulation in proper tone.

Hence it is good to have at least half an hour walk once in the morning and again in the evening. Walking is also one of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the heart and blood vessels.

5. Avoid headache and backache. Some people are prone to headaches due to intense work on the computer. For this, it is good to have sufficient breaks at work and also proper sleep at night. Also, one can sleep early for better health. Even drinking sufficient water in frequent intervals and the use of any eyeglasses can help.

6. Avoid acidity and heartburn: Few people are also prone to acidity due to work on the computer. This is mostly due to radiation sickness from the computer and also the intense signals from the internet data card. For this one need to use the system in the open air, or a big room. You can also notice that using a long wire to connect the data card to the system helps relieve radiation and related acidity.

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