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What is Homeopathy and How Does it Work | Basics on Medicine & Dose

Homeopathy is a unique treatment formula proved by a German allopathic physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. This was a coincidental idea which came to him during his practice as an

25 Uses of Basil | Benefits of Its Leaves, Roots & Seeds

Basil plant is an annual herb. It grows to a short height and lives for a span of one year. It is worshiped by Hindus as a holy plant. It is kept in

Itone Eye Drops Review! Natural Eye Drops for Strained Eyes

Itone is a natural eye drops preparation based on Ayurveda. It claims to relieve eye problems arising out of the continuous use of eyes at work. The preparation is

List of Medicinal Plants | Uses of these Herbs in Health

Medicinal plants are valuable resources for our health care system since ancient period. These natural herbs are an important source of drugs for alternative medicine systems. These systems include Ayurveda,

Pilex for hemorrhoids | A Review of Himalaya Ayurvedic Medicine for piles

I do suffer from hemorrhoid symptoms occasionally like in a couple of year or so. Recently i used pilex formulations and here is my experience with it. Though never
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