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Milk Adulteration | Tips to Detect & Avoid Related Health Problems

Milk is one of the prime source of nutrition to the infants of all regions around the world. In some countries people of certain religions and cultures rely on

6 Important Clove Benefits & its Oil for Health

Clove is an unripe and dried flower bud of plant Eugenia caryophyllus. It is brownish to dark brownish in color. Clove bud directly from plant possesses high aromatic scent and

Birth Asphyxia: Meaning, Symptoms

Birth asphyxia or child asphyxia is an asphyxic episode experienced by the baby or an infant during the time of delivery or when it is still inside the mother’s womb. That

Food for weight loss: Best diet for weight loss

Food is one of the prime reasons for weight gain or obesity. The type of foods consumed regulate the body weight. But one has to even realize that food is not

Weight loss exercises: What are the best exercises to lose weight?

Exercises are in general suggested for healthy living. But for weight loss, exercises are important workouts to lose weight. We see many people getting obese as they grow in age. While very
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