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Health Benefits of Eggs| Their Composition and Nutrition Value

Eggs are among the few foods that I would categorize as super foods. Eggs contain two parts as outer egg white and inner yolk. The Proteins, vitamins, and minerals

How to Manage Sensitive Stomach on Daily Basis

If you are one like me who had sensitive stomach, then it is worth reading my experiences with gut management People with sensitive stomach would have many problems like

10 Facts About Stress, with Statistics and Relaxation Techniques

The stress response is a body defense response to harmful external stimuli. Every one of us is prone to some or other forms of stress in everyday life. Be

How Does Technology Affect our Health | Both Negatively & Positively

Technology is a man’s own created pet. We have more comforts and convenience due to technology than before. We consider to be more happier and luxurious than before. It

Function of histamine |Role in inflammation, stomach & Body

Histamine is an autocoid which means a self healing substance. It is found in plenty in the region of wounds and infection indicating its role in healing. Even the
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