8 Benefits of Protein Supplements to consider for Health

Protein constitutes a large proportion of the solid body mass in our bodies.

They are required for the formation and normal function of all the cells and tissues in the body.

Hence, any deficiency of protein through diet leads to weakness and loss of body mass.

Chemically, these proteins exist as amino acids, peptides, and proteins.

Protein Role in Health

1. A Protein-rich diet enhances the healing of wounds or cuts due to injury, surgery, and fractures.

2. In times of infection, foods rich in protein are to be consumed along with suitable medication for faster recovery and effective cure.

3. Proteins constitute immune components like antibodies and antigens. Hence, sufficient protein boosts your immunity and enhances the disease resistance capacity.

4. Protein-rich foods or nutrition help put on body mass when combined with gym and other physical exercises.

5. Proteins, unlike carbohydrates and fats, are not stored in the body and are excreted on a daily basis in the urine as urea, uric acid, and ammonia. So, they are to be replenished on a regular basis through diet.

6. Proteins are components of some enzymes and hormones that regulate the body’s vital functions like metabolism, reproduction, growth, etc.

7. Proteins in excess, i.e., if undigested and accumulated in the body, can lead to toxicity.

Benefits of Protein Supplements

Protein supplements can be consumed by all as they have beneficial effects on healthy and also unhealthy people.

For those with normal health, they can act as prophylactics from diseases and also strengthen the body and immunity.

For those with diseases and disorders, protein supplements help in healing wounded tissue, getting rid of the infection, and also tolerate the side effects of the medicine.

1. Strengthen immunity.

benefits of protein supplements

Immunity is a body mechanism of resistance to disease-causing infectious agents.

This immunity is due to the presence of antibodies and also white blood cells (immunity cells).

They destroy any disease-causing microbes that enter the body.

These immune cells and antibodies are made of protein.

So, taking protein supplements helps one develop strong immune resistance to diseases.

2. Help in the healing of diseases

Doctors recommend nutritional supplements or a protein-rich diet during the treatment of infectious diseases.

Diseases like tuberculosis, cold (congestion), cough, etc., are treated well when one consumes drugs along with protein supplements.

In disease conditions, proteins help build immunity and also healing of damaged tissue.

3. To tolerate medicine side effects

Many drugs used for the treatment of diseases are toxic to normal body cells.

So, the patient suffers from weakness and other damages.

Consumption of protein supplements helps overcome these side effects.

So we can see that doctors prescribe protein-rich food besides medicine for the treatment of tuberculosis, diabetes, etc.

4. Overcome stress

Stress is the most powerful disease-causing factor we experience in everyday life.

Stress makes one vulnerable to infections and chronic disorders like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and even cardiac problems.

One needs to minimize stress to lead a healthy life. Food is one of the medicines for stress. Binge eating disorder is a physiological tendency to eat more.

This indicates that those who are under stress eat more to get rid of it.

Also, we can notice that we consume little when we are under stress.

So eating is a good remedy for stress. Of the foods, the better is protein and its supplements.

Adding a protein supplement will minimize the effects of stress by providing strength to body cells to cope with stress.

5. Healing of wounds

Wounds are formed due to physical injuries. There are cavities and torn tissue in the region of wounds.

Protein-rich foods and supplements are needed to heal a wound quicker.

Protein helps in the formation of new cells and tissue to close wounds.

It also helps the formation of mast cells, which help in healing the wound, and also white blood cells to destroy any septic infections in the region of wounds.

Protein supplements can produce the essential amino acid Histidine, which adds tensile strength to wounds. Without histidine wound

6. Body Building

Protein for body building

Protein supplements are highly in demand in the market, especially for bodybuilding.

They are said to be building blocks of life and are used to build muscles.

Proteins provide strength, fitness, and weight to muscles.

Those who undergo strenuous exercise have good absorption capacity in the gut, so consuming enough protein helps them absorb it and build muscles.

In general, if people are slim, it is not only because of thin bones but also because of thin muscles.

The gut has less tendency for protein absorption in slim people.

So, going for strenuous gym exercises helps increase protein absorption and build up muscles.

7. Control hair fall

Hair is made up of protein keratin. Though hair fall is not always related to protein deficiency, in case of hair loss during a chronic disease or drug treatment, a protein supplement is useful.

During diseases or drug treatment, hair fall occurs due to thinning of the hair strands. This can be minimized by protein-rich food and protein supplements.

8. Manage chronic disorders

For diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, cancer, etc., protein diets are useful to maintain healthy physiology, tolerate drug side effects and also provide ample strength to the body.

Though protein supplements are beneficial, still excess protein can be toxic, so one should use protein supplements within the recommended range.

Also, among available protein supplements, plant-derived proteins are healthier than animal-derived ones. So, I always prefer soy protein or other plant-related proteins.

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