Itone is a natural eye drops preparation based on Ayurveda.

It claims to relieve eye problems arising out of continuous use of eyes at work.

The preparation is said to have gone rigorous clinical trials for the safety & therapeutic effects.

It was tested for different eye problems and also for possible side effects if any.

The results of trials in different hospitals and labs have found it to be safe for use on eyes.

It is a  available as a pack of 10ml formulation manufactured by DEY’s Medical stores Calcutta.

It is found to be effective in eye inflammations, conjunctivitis, eye allergies and also eye infections.

Further there are no reports of any allergy or other problems due to its application in patients.itone-eye-drops

It is recommended with twice in a day application i.e. once at bed time and other after rising from the bed (morning). In severe cases it may given with 3hr intervals.

Also there is a caution to discontinue its use in case of any allergy persists and recommendation to consult a physician is also mentioned on the label of Itone pack. Use the pack within one month of opening the seal of the bottle.

Content of Itone eye drops:

1. Nimba (neem)

2. Shobanjanaitone

3. Bhringraj


5. Nirgundi

6. Tulsi herb leaves

7. Satapatri

8. Yamani

9. Haritaki (myrobalan)

10. Bibhitaka

11.Dhatriphata (Phyllanthus emblica)

12. Hardra (turmeric) (Also an ingredient of herbal toothpaste Dant kanti).

13. Karpuram

14. Pudina salwa

15. Madhu (honey)

16. Ela (cardamom fruit)

17. Swet chandan (sandal)

18. Mukta

19. Saindhva laban

All of the extract by aqueous distillate i.e. water extract.

My personal experience with Itone:

I had a burning sensation and redness in the eyes with continuous use of computer. This is termed as computer vision syndrome as per medical terminology.

I even had anti-glare glasses as a protection against computer screen. Still the eyes were under strain so I tried itone on recommendation of a friend.

The eye drops on application had a slight burning sensation which subsided immediately. On regular application twice the eyes felt better and were even better resistant to laptop screen glare. They were less susceptible to screen brightness.itone-eye-drops-bottle

Further use made eyes bright and the vision was clear.

Further there was no redness and itching in the eyes with regular use. Even when there was some conjunctivitis infection around which spread from one person to other, my eyes were resistant. But as a precaution I applied Itone drop before bed to avoid infection of conjunctivitis.

And on the label they mention not use itone which is 30 days older after removal of seal. This seems to be true as i found that one pack with more than 3 months old was not that effective as a new one.

If you are suffering from computer vision syndrome or other eye allergies you can try itone. But based on this itone review do not solely rely on itone if you have severe eye problem. It is advised to consult a physician. Since not all physicians would have known this medicine so they might not advice you. But Along with your prescription you may try it. Since it is not an allopathic medicine, it might not react with other to produce side effects when used together.

If one is suffering from eye problems due to excess work, i recommend to go for itone eye drops.

If you are suffering from eye strain see the tips to prevent eye strain.


  1. Hi All,
    I too used Itone eyedrops and found this to be very effective. I even had conjunctivitis turned corneal infections for which my doctor prescribed steroids multiple times. But for me recurrence were there when I stopped such medicines. I just happen to try this eye drops on my own choice to substitute allopathic moisturizers and found the corneal infections fading away slowly (though not as fast as steroid works) Dryness was also cured. Though I had to use this for a little long time, I was not worried on the assumption that this is ayurvedic and would not have much side effects.

  2. Hello sir I had LASIK vision surgery for hyper myopia,,,so Dr has prescribed systane ultra so I’m using it but I’m not satisfied that drop n also I used 2_3 times ur Itone it was so effective ,,so is dis suitable to me,,, plz reply me

    1. hello vinod can you tell me is lasik surgery safe for vision correction not any type of problem after this plese help

  3. Hello!!
    I had eye problems when i was 1st standard (now i am 3rd). Ugggh!! i hated and feared eye drops veeeeery much. But now momma has told me to use itone eye drops and….
    Tadda! i am all right again (though i still hate them).Now i am free!!!! 🙂

  4. I recently started using itones and in 45 days I noticed my eyes are becoming more watery. I have a little dry eyes and cure that I started using itones. But seems like it is not helping me. Wondering is my watery eyes due to its side effect?


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