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Dant Kanti Toothpaste Review

Dant Kanti Toothpaste Review| A Best Patanjali product

Dant kanti toothpaste review is written after my recent experience of using it. I previously used Amway’s glister tooth paste since 2003. That paste was pretty good in terms of quality and after feel. But i felt a need to change
Natural Migraine Treatment

Natural Migraine Treatment| Best Solutions for Relief

Migraine as everyone knows is a pulsating headache. It concentrates on one side of the head in most cases. The one side can be either at the back, or sides of the head. The characteristic symptoms of this headache are unbearable

Protein Facts: Role of Protein Supplements in Health

Protein constitutes large proportion of the solid mass in the body. After water they form the second largest portions in the cell & tissue mass. They are required in the formation of all the cells, tissues and for building of body.

Activated Charcoal Uses| Benefits for Health and poisoning

Charcoal is a black solid substance obtained by burning of wood and vegetable substances. This charcoal has been used as means of fuel especially for ironing of clothes. Before the discovery of toothpaste, charcoal was used widely to clean teeth. Even
Eczema Home Remedies

Eczema Home Remedies & Precautions to Control

Eczema is a skin disorder with itching and exudation. It mostly affects the areas which are under frictional stress like thigh curves, knee backs, arm pits etc. Also it can appear on palm and foot when exposed to irritants. The region affected is
Honey Health Benefits

Honey Health Benefits|5 Uses with Nutrition Facts

Honey is a dark colored sweet, watery and viscous liquid. It has been used from ancient days for health and nutrition. It is obtained from honey combs made by honey bees. These honey bees suck a sweet liquid named nectar from

Ginseng Health Benefits|For Men and Women

Ginseng is one of the valuable herbs used in health care. The active substance is extracted from the dried roots of panax ginseng. It is available as Korean ginseng, Chinese ginseng and also American ginseng. And of them Korean ginseng is

10 Aloe Vera Health Benefits & its Side effects

Aloe Vera is a small herb which stays ever green in all the seasons. It is a type of plant which can tolerate drought conditions. It has thick and succulent leaves which contain gel like substance and also juice. It is being used from many

10 Tips for weight loss| Natural Ways for Everyone

Many people are concerned about weight gain or obesity at some stage in life. Some need it to keep the diseases like hyper tension, heart problems at bay. While others need it to keep good looking. Weight gain is a problem

Remedies for Cough and Cold| Best Natural ways

Remedies for cold and cough are quite effective to provide proper cure. They belong to different class of drugs with mechanism and action quite similar. The are aimed at either physiology, infections or to produce local effect. Cold and cough are both