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Yoga versus Gym| 7 Clear Differences and Benefits

Physical activity is very important in the current life style to keep up good health. Health experts advice to take up exercises, sports or yoga as part of daily routine for a healthy living. But of them Yoga is getting popular recently.

7 Walking vs Running Benefits

Physical work outs are important for a vibrant health. Of them many people think of going for a walk or jogging. But again the question of which of them is better arises for many. Both tend to enhance the flexibility in

12 Health Benefits of Walking to consider

Health Benefits of Walking everyday is quite huge. It is a good habit than a mere exercise. It is recommended by many health and fitness experts for anyone with physical discomfort or illness. It is a natural activity in human life and

Reasons for vomiting |12 Possible Causes to Consider

Vomiting is an expulsive reflex of the upper gastrointestinal tract with an act of expelling the contents inside. This is a protective phenomenon in most cases yet sometimes can be a sign of some other severe disease or disorder. This vomiting