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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms & Effects

Vitamin D is one of the oil soluble vitamins in the body. It itself is not active but is instead converted by successive reactions into calcitriol an active metabolite in the liver and the kidneys. The life span of latter is

Natural Ways of Treating the Flu in Adults

Viral fevers like flue are devastating if not controlled and cured in right time. Unlike bacterial infections, these fevers are silent killer types. Though they seem to be cured in a week or two, but frequent infections can reduce the life

8 Types of Anemia| Based on Morphology & Causes

“Anaemia is an+aemia (no+blood) a condition where in there is decreased oxygen carrying capacity by the blood”. Red blood cells are those which carry oxygen to different body regions. They have an iron pigment namely haemoglobin to do that. RBC’s per

Disorders of Digestive System| Possible Remedial Measures

Digestive system is one of the important organ systems in the body. It can be described as a complex, partly self controlled, essential systems in the body. A complex system as it has many organs with distinct and specific functions. Self controlled as
Types of Diseases

22 Types of Diseases that Affect the Human body

Diseases are many and with time even more diseases come up. There are many new diseases which appeared in recent century and scientists are busy in recognizing them and also giving suitable names. Hence deadly diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis were not

Progression of Alzheimers: 4 Stages & Their Symptoms

Alzheimer’s is described as a progressive, age related neuro-degenerative disorder. It is the most common cause of loss of memory in the elderly persons. The incidence of disease is raising and the age of  onset period is going towards early age. So it might be quiet possible that

Types of cough|Reasons for Dry & Wet cough

Cough is a protective reflex of the respiratory system. It occurs as normal physiological process and also sometimes due to disease condition. Why do we cough? Cough is intended to expel anything by force of air out of the respiratory tract.